Sackabschwitzschabracken (Onderhosa)

Yesterday I was on the King's Road at a sporting goods palace past, rather I was once purely to admire a few things, and, lo and behold, not even turned the corner on the ground floor, I peered a stately shelf with "ergonomic underwear" to . (That probably means everything will fit in exactly.)

I had to because in times closer inspection take (my loyal readers know that I'm a bit of yesterday).

A Abschwitzunterhemd gave it for a mere 40 euros, the men pants even for only the 25th

Since materials science is also my hobby horse barn and neighs now and then, I wore as a Edelschlüpferkassiber (the packaging wants to be well been worth as much as the content) of the same across the street sales counter and asked the handsome young lady there, because I nowhere had succeeded on the thick box to discover a statement concerning the material composition of the content of what would be for this noble petticoat.

Perplexed, just as it would be I turned, and applied it the strange thing, even with their experienced staff nothing to decipher wealthy.

(Of course I was again relieved that I had not been alone too stupid to read.)

In her perplexity she cried then hastily brought a colleague - at least as neat - this anerheischend for clarification of the puzzle.

Those hinwiederum did us quickly communication by opening the lid of the strong Apparillos and allda, although written very small, but clearly manageable, the following took place: 95% PA 5% spandex.

She told me then that PA (polyamide) stands for (vulgo) nylon.

What I knew of course what they nevertheless surprised when I made known her.

Surprised at my laughter, asking me whether I wanted to buy now, I replied only that I would not need such a thing, it was hardly my style or my style (how one because einschmurgelt the hanger, if you take on a little too hot stone sets, I said discreetly enough, nothing).

Carried the secret message so good on the shelf, not exaggerated, shaking his head, the nice young ladies not wanting to spoil the day, and left the bar.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I was told that this was a very special special material for optimum Abschwitzen.

Yes I am as a gay horse who needs 25 dollars an abdominal plastic saddle pad?

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