Financial Flasks

Do you have to study to ruin economies?

Rhetorical question: obviously yes.

All this regard ausgewiesenermaßen-age have studied their subject.

And they have learned a exactly what they should learn. And good though. Maximum Völkerverarschung for maximum profit maximization for the few.

So of course it is not literally on the Course Schedule. Since then it says: "The importance of the prime rate".

Or something similar to unsuspecting.

Discretion is finally the first virtue that you teach people money.

Blankfein, Soros, Bernanke, Ackermann: how it all began.

In my next life, or even in this, if I can afford it, I study economics or economic fraud knowledge Platt and do one after all the professors around: up to forced de-registration.

I am still as links attorney to try as it formerly advised my grandfather to me, I have now discarded.

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