Get "conspiracy fans" fully spirimäßig one on the bag

The rechristening of pöhsen conspiracy theorists continues: They are now called "conspiracy fans."

And if you explained to them that they once again had no plan, by telling them that an ancient Egyptian symbol is merely an ancient Egyptian symbol, then that is a for "conspiracy fans" "low blow".

In boxing, low blows are well known forbidden, but when it comes to conspiracy fans, you have ever let a blind eye and just be them one on genitals - Geohnmächt? - Give by directly bolzt them what their favorite symbols.

Since it is as Verschwörungsfan course then fix and foxi if one in Munich as an all-seeing eye in the middle zerbrettert between the legs.

(A friend said already about twenty years ago, that in Bavaria begin the Balkans.)

In morons Focus Part is played on Dan Brown.

This is the Ami, who gives us conspiracy fans in his novels always one of the nuts, making it clear that makes the Masons and those of the Prieuré de Sion are all very dear Spiris, and only those who see things differently, dangerous assholes .

Recently I read coaster ride due to "The Lost Symbol" by this Konkoktionator in which preppy art the son of a senior Super precious Freemason named Solomon is first cut the eggs himself, then his dad, the schmähete him, the right hand to the end in the dome of the Capitol to Washington not to be God, but to die in the glass hail.

The enthändigte Daddy rips then the Symbologenprofessor Langdon, his saving him longtime friends, first time a few hours jokes before but sometimes haunts on the urgent advice, a hospital.

So a complete idiot shit is sold millions of copies (engrossing it is!), And I have for myself a tenner are let for professional reasons in the station bookstore to me masochistic one day to administer low blows.

The desert grows.

On Friday evening - see event announcement on the top right - I will talk and join in the discussion in Stuttgart on erzlieben Bilderberg: Let's see who since hintraut for deep pounding.

I'm already in the Hos' if maybe emerges as a amerikanesischer Symbolog to the Schwaben philologists all of a sudden, while he has his guard up, really a reinzubretzeln below.

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2 Responses to "" conspiracy fans "get full spirimäßig one on the bag"

  1. Armin says:

    "What a fucking idiot is a million times sold (written exciting is it already!), And I have for myself a tenner are let for professional reasons in the station bookstore to me masochistic one day to administer low blows."

    The pain I can empathize well! It's been crazy. So Dan Brown crap is just that intends to "Laughing With time" pull propaganda, the plot ridiculous and frightening often works. Verschwörungsfan that I do not laugh.

    I would never be a fan of conspiracies. On the contrary. I'm so tired of the conspiracy of me coming out of the ears. YOU NERVOUS me unspeakably dreary with this full manipulation, this Pyramidentheatergetue, this whole Sklavenpseudoproduziererei and war and misery and ...

    I can only confirm that currently the world's a MASSIVE Hatz is made on conspiracy theorists, beautiful scattered widely MSM moderately in any language. And always so terribly funny!

    Quite something:
    Shot the bull's eye: Mainstream laughs at conspiracy theorists

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin

    We are already at least two.

    Next nonstop St. Moritz.

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