Everything is Nazi

"In each of us has a little Nazi."

Thus Spoke's a filmmaker and gets the attention of the world.

And this saying he did not spontaneously excited from the stack, but well-calculated in the interview after the Cannes scandal in which he - jokingly? - Had initially describes himself as a Nazi to be excluded from the festival.

What did he mean?

Did he ever say anything with it?

If we set once the event that Lars von Trier so actually wanted to say something, and not just in the headlines.

And in case he was right.

What do we do then?

Each proscribes any?

Everyone goes to jail, when he says that thinks his little Nazi in it drinne?

But actually it's already old hat, which has warmed since von Trier.

Everything is a Nazi.

Motorists are air-Nazis (Hitler had the highways build), non-vegetarian animal eaters Nazis (though Hitler was a vegetarian, but never mind), opponents of the war are pacifist Nazis (Hitler considered the biggest warmonger, but also makes nothing), Muslims recently Religion Nazis (Hitler maintained good relations with the Arabs do not care), the Israelis are apartheid Nazis (fits at least to the extent as that their behavior has something to do with nation), all Chinese people are Nazis (is due Tibet), Borussia Dortmund Nazi (has consistently played to win), St. Pauli Is Nazi (also played konsquent to win, but unfortunately lost), German beer is Nazi (because of the purity law), all terrorists are Nazis (self-explanatory), Mercedes is Nazi (Hitler could be proven in a drive around), Opel's Nazi ( built tanks), General Motors is Nazi (parent company of Opel), the entire Bush family's Nazi (used best relations with the Third Reich), the Swiss are anyway Nazis (took gold and money), the Vatican's Nazi (in charge of the Ratlines ), Saddam was, of course, a Nazi (though no weapons of mass destruction), Gaddafi is a Nazi (self-explanatory), a cow is a grass Nazi (self-explanatory), your big toe is Nazi (large and German), your coffee cup is Nazi (brown sauce drinne ), your ass is Nazi (self-explanatory), steel Nazi ("hard as Krupp steel"), leather Nazi ("tough as nails"), there is joy Nazi ("Strength through Joy"), work is Nazi ("Arbeit macht free "), animal welfare is Nazi (one of which was introduced), Olympiads are Nazi (because of the torch relay), your dog is Nazi (Hitler loved his dog), hemp is Nazi (the Third Reich promoted the cultivation), the Rhine is Nazi (still flows through Germany), the euro is Nazi (Germany pays), Paris is Nazi (was spared by the Germans), Russia's Nazi (East Prussia), Poland (self-explanatory), Antarctica (New Swabia), men (Hitler was man), women (Eva Braun was one), children (Hitler loved children), Movies (Leni Riefenstahl made films), radio (Goebbels used it extensively), Sarge (there was even then), idiot (even the Nazis had to endure), window (as have already looked through), Parachutist (Crete), Computer (German invention), Hindus (swastika), beets (bottom), veins (blood), words (even then in use).

I could continue indefinitely the list as you see.

But I'll leave it now Lars von Trier to make a film about it.

He is us now guilty.

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7 Responses to "Everything's Nazi"

  1. Josephus Aphoristus says:

    "Everything's Nazi"

    I know the person and all that is, and I put my hand in cold water, definitely not a Nazi.

    No I do not know the detail, which could therefore be one.

    Sub I have not seen, but this must mean no harm.

    The About let himself in and rename. Why only?

    The next door looks to me from always so suspicious.

    The request also says ever so often suspicious thank you.

    The patient is doing just that, but he's always so jagged.

    The Tut is already dead.

    So has the Always a strange way to sincerely itself.

    The Bald likes wearing black and red and says daily, home to the Reich. But a Nazi, no, he is nich.

    Although the cross bearing a cross Ummen neck, but that has a different shape.

    Never has often diarrhea, as he has entrusted to me. That's why he was wearing only brown pants.

    The never been born too late, as it was already 45 and a half.

    Who but still hearty out of the question, the Guilt. The there are also constantly itself.

    Den Den we can easily forget.

  2. bl says:

    Funny! All true.

    Just why Nazi and not NaSO?

  3. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Joseph

    From the From and you have spared?

    Very suspicious.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bl

    This is higher esoteric philology.

    Only for adeptos Maiores.

  5. Josef von Aphoris says:

    @ Magnus

    Since Josephus Aphoristus has now been officially renamed from you in Joseph, I declare that:
    I suppose the choice!

    "The From and For You spared?"

    Just like you I spare no one!

    The Ab married to Off, anything is possible nowadays readily and as it is naturally impossible due, that when two men set a young Nazi and Homo thingy are unnazihaft, the naming of the two was not necessary in my list above.

    "Very suspicious."

    True, the very well seems like a marigold's Cross. Well, that You have made the public aware of it. Also contributes as a very prominent upper lip mustache. The weapons in the basement and has not yet. 39 comes at the end to power. The laughs like a Nazi! The crying like mad. The We can now forget.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Joseph v. A.

    How do you know that does not make a belly cavity Nazi From On?

    Or vice versa?

    Or any one of the others?

    And if they can be clone in addition?

    I think it's questionable diskriminös what you löslässt here.

  7. Josef von Aphoris says:

    @ Magnus

    If ups and downs would be as winds of the hymn also clone could be determined Tütenüggels come out of it.

    Because of me, they can do that but you. I am by no means diskriminell, but only superficially outrageous, this good-natured, inevitable, bluish recently bloods, even if it constantly goes up and down in our country.

    Conversely, everyone should get used to it, because better is not in sight. Or?

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