"Financial holocaust" was postponed one year

This article was published on 30 5th 10 on goldseiten.de , and it is, as so often occurred not much on the type of destruction that predicted the analyst primarily based on chart analysis.

Well, on gold pages almost every day of financial Armageddon, what else.

But such a title have not even Berufskatastropheten in the standard repertoire:

"The threat of financial Holocaust - is closer than we thought ..."

My dear swan.

These people is obviously no means too coarse to get her shit Gold and silver dirt her to the man.

"Holocaust" although literally means "all burnt", originally in general (insonderheit in the sense of ritual fire sacrifice), was and is but now connotes a certain special way that the author, unless he grew up without Volksschulbidung as Tapirjäger to the Amazon basin, can hardly have been unknown.

The term was used here to clearly mercantile purposes.

So on good German: to make money generated by means of him afraid.

Or want to tell me about one that wanted to sell off their metal for Umme?

The "Holocaust" as recruiters word for money traders.


I will be careful now, to do what a satirist in such a situation typically makes and draw appropriate comparisons.

For unto him that even if his art should be thrown out, you could hardly go through this kind in this country.

When known holocaust the fun stops.

Or do we prefer to say: He is gold dealers, swindlers and other climate reserved, which have a license to Holocaust-waving of.

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