False flag, world war mongers, jackal media

I just picked up a video that summarizes notable, as the US media are prepared for an imminent Al Qaeda terrorist attack.

Now are "soft targets" in the crosshairs of terrorists be, public squares, stadiums, shopping malls, trains, and even museums which are easier to hit (duh), and it'll go merely to kill as many Americans.

Everywhere therefore more security was needed, everyone should every spy, essential parts of the civil rights remain abandoned or further limit.

In fact, this scenario only thing missing is a well-calculated real stop.

Fears that they could take care of that once again, just what you need, so that an attack was imminent false flag, I think is entirely justified.

The question for this case, which we will present our official history.

I think it is likely that you will make use of real Muslims who are absolutely undetectable shot on the spot.

It is the virtual or real bodies can not again throw into the sea - or want to have allegedly thrown into the sea - This time it is true, something to show.

We should thereby betting that the US services make the common mistakes that some media report, in turn, they could not even know that maybe something is quite wrong, because two or three experienced Private Americans draw their own lead spraying at the wrong time and between cough.

Not be completely ruled out is that a foreign service, on behalf of a potent country that wants to prevent a possible consequence of a "successful" operation to justify even greater direct or indirect war effort against itself: rather not the surgery itself, but whose real success.

Namely precisely in this propaganda intended meaning.

It was all about the world public to discover the operation as a false flag.

This would be a terrible blow to US policy. (See: "The ring of death" )

There are a few countries that are likely to see good reasons abound to have withdrawn from the US media productions for the sake of the expansion of geo-strategic wars sick.

Such a move would indeed be difficult and risky and initially acts rather unlikely; but an important factor is added, speaking for it.

You could in fact have come to believe that here a time window would exclude, not so soon would get a similar opportunity to throw a lasso Unters Ross the World War Cowboy.

However, in turn, could make it seem unlikely that you will have no United States, the berappeln again after following a possible revolution, but just the USA, which we now see as a "colossus with feet of clay" (Peter Scholl-Latour) still in can no longer stumble more affordable wars until the whole place is really thoroughly in the bucket.

After all, one must already wonder why, for example, the Chinese have been so remarkably remain silent while just abraubt them tens of billions of investments in Libya, while the neighbors Pakistan malad does, in fact, already covers with an undeclared drone and commando war and always unverhohlenere and wüstere threats against the country emits.

It is hardly allsamt so stupid not only in Tripoli, but also in Cairo and Riyadh, not to see that the USA soon burn half the planet. In their own area.

In Tehran, one must probably ask even less, until you find someone who is already noticed.

And Ankara?

There is also one for some time no longer particularly excited about what God drive two own countries, commonly known as the United States and Israel around the own butt around, their politics dares even hardly what the European northwest arm arrives. (If, for. Example, certain German Mossad network pages, very well attended and pushed, look, those Wilders in Holland, etc., you would have to also be a full caraway schnapps Turk, nothing to remember and report.)

And a confidence-building measure represents the inroads against Gaddafi, with which one dares recently lost their camel dung fire sat, Rothschilds, Sarko and Berlo, the destruction of Libya, maybe not represent.

Everyone should wonder how fast he could be next.

(By the way, on the edge about this: have you noticed how little the sheep media since the bin Laden bash to write about the war in Libya That is, it runs crappy?).

It is also noteworthy that France (abseils Scotland just ab) together with England has reopened established as an imperial power (reported sheep media which naturally little) not only in the Ivory Coast, but also in the pursuit of Libyan oil and water. Yes, you there even water that should be enough for a few hundred years of intensive farming on a large scale. You have probably turn up almost only the pump and Gaddafi, who had errrichten the Eighth Wonder of the World, from.

The Lying Game because of freedom and democracy is so obvious that it can not even be remained a mystery to most sheep media journalists: To be made from sheep's media jackal media.

It may turn out to talk any more.

Those who participate there, working for the world warmongers.

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5 Responses to "False flag, world war mongers, media jackal"

  1. Good Morgan Stanley says:

    You are (my) hero of the day !!

    Thank you for this article, the should read each sheep and try to understand at least in approach, and learn every damn editor of the public Idioten- and lies media should by heart!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ GMS

    Thanks for words of praise.

    I'm going with some Fug assume that many of those has nevertheless already noticed, which allocated "Standing" him here.

    Some may even secretly read and speak at the seventh frustration beer with colleagues about it.

    It is certain times there, as it is there.

    Run up, however, is difficult, and Ignore helps in the long run nothing.

  3. thomas says:

    haste right
    and here the "In fact, this scenario only thing missing is a well-calculated real stop."

    since the fits here I hope I am wrong and the maker of the video or even a look at it I think it is important, it should see as many


    I wish you all a nice day

  4. Bookmark says:

    Worth seeing and hearing to Alex Jones

    The first day of the rest of our lives


    However, since an upset on

    : D

  5. Dude says:


    Von Bülow's article takes a very different picture on the Poesen Muslims in Germany ...

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