Satirist worst crisis

Sometimes you hit hard as a satirist to reality.

Perhaps really when something like this happens as in the case of Obama with all the consequences, but at least conceptually in terms of the real possibility of not oversubscribed from within the brain turns out, then one may very small and useless feel and moreover such ridiculous exactly how it is Now do not want.

The real world does one then even a caricature by addition increases freehand on everything to konkoktieren still the gewitzteste and brazen old hand would be able: The Alchemist kitchen suddenly looks like rusty old hangar full of moldy potatoes, which the rats are already fled.

You even have to reckon with the phase, as you partout not want to believe it.

To scratch again and again on the head and do not want to understand that there is no counterpart accomplished a stroke of genius, but ordinary people out of sheer Vertrottelung so.

Or is the - alleged - document forger about gewitzigter but a satirist who writes with a rotary word world history?

So one would naturally's much prefer.

How the world would be in order.

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