Obama has a negro problem?

The discussion about Obama's birth certificate continues to beat high waves.

In the first case verargumentiert is a graphically inconsistent texture, presented now document was tampered with.

The second procedure is the same along graphical parameters, this time whether discrepancies in the pixelation.

As I understand little of image processing (although the argument in the first seems logical) to check the correctness of the assertions can I please therein versed reader to adjust their views here.

Now comes the kicker, should agree what Wayne Madsen regard to languages ​​setting out for Hawaiian birth certificates in 1961.

Namely, that at that time the breed description yet related "Negro" and "African" it was still nowhere in use.

That would mean now that the document forger had stumbled on particularly bizarre way a language nursing pitfall.

We turn the thing around times: Used with us any authority to racial description, the word "negro", it would probably not stay there long.

"African" in a Hawaiian birth certificate would probably not 1961 caused the same indignation, but would have been just as unfamiliar and simply against the rules.

Now the first black American president with a white mother probably still a Negro problem.

If it's true - Madsen is neither a beginner nor a bungler - then I laugh my piebald.

Here are two videos for the optical analysis of the published document:

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18 Responses to "Obama Has a Negro Problem?"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Well, what can you say to that?

    "Yes, we can!"

    Otherwise, this video is for Blender Obama interesting. It is from the Thom Hartmann Show "the Big Picture". Thom Hartmann was - and is still - a strong supporter of Obama. Nevertheless, he retains the view of reality.

    Daily Take: Is Obama a Nixonian Republican?


    Interesting :)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    I did not believe a single second that Obama would adopt a better policy than Bush.

    That was not likely.

    It needed a new face that should come no more than the evil white man to simultaneously sell even more imperial wars.

    Allen, who put hopes on Obama, I can do little consolation to donate.

    Because they prefer to join a harmless sect like the Amish or the day praying a rosary more.

    I've never heard that there was more war, because a little old woman prayed a rosary more in San Diego.

    To choose Obama, was definitely stupid and harmful.

    Poor Mr Hartmann.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All


    Perhaps you have written in 1961 also against any practice "African" in Obama's birth certificate, because you already knew that he would once President.

    Otherwise the world today all "Negro" or Negro would be allowed to call because he had been born so like any other as such.

    Dispute that a born American Negroes could be later renamed difficult for American-born Africans, we certainly wanted to avoid also.

    So Obama is now an American-born Africans, as opposed to Gaddafi and Mubarak, who was born only in Africa are Arabs, neither American nor African Africans.


  4. Bookmark says:

    Mr. Goeller what the alternative would have been?

    Yes I have the hype about Obama never can understand, but people like Bush have made it possible.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Bush has indeed been made possible: Kerry vs Bush was Skull & Bones from Skull & Bones (We recently had nevertheless Atlantic Bridge to Atlantic Bridge).

    An alternative in the sense I just saw is to choose no of these cultured madmen.

    Such elections are but a farce for idiots cabinet.

    Even if the Zählcomputer not manipulated.

    But at least one must choose:

    Goldman Sachs AIPAC Bones


    Bones AIPAC Goldman Sachs

    Asinofanten against Fantoesel.

  6. Föhnix says:

    It is surely no coincidence that everywhere are bringing the "nice" telegenic upstart to power (only in Germany, the plan was initially rejected). The human psyche is so manipulated. People like soap operas and the mighty deliver them. This happens on a more fundamental and powerful level than the (new) language, namely about emotions. This allows you to operate the glorious brainwashing and many victims are even more grateful.

    Today, for example, to experience for hours on TV. On all channels the designated head of state of the war-Vice World Champion was worshiped, as it walked down the aisle in Gaddafi's military uniform. Basically, it was a huge military parade and also happen to be a meeting of the Bilderberg most heads of state, as well as their court jester. And though I know all this, I looked but purely a bit and could not help feeling a certain emotional emotion.

    A good friend who was initially forfeited total of Obamania I could heal last year with patience and a lot of background information from their "suffering". Nevertheless, they could be always happy seduce, if for example the government station Pheonix brought one of his regular Obama Holy Adoration theme days. Recently she told herself again completely and against better knowledge of their intermediate Obama criticism going on and gave himself passionately to the old vice of Obamaphilie out, which made me quite upset. With a little distance I understand it but because I am aware of the power of emotions.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    My sincere condolences to the care of these poor confused person.

  8. A. Friend says:

    If we follow the reasoning of the detectives things in the first video (Layers), is already directly a chic shoe of it!

    If the document has only been scanned, if you had a single layer. But as you have umpteen different with the demonstrated in the video information.

    Should we then garnix understanding of image processing, but only one can and one together.

  9. A. Friend says:

    I can always re-read just any half plagued by uncertainty the big bad wolf to his heart.

    Reading this page creates the feeling of security when clarifying questions such as whether Obama is right or wrong.

    One can assume that in the USA only right comes to power with almost 100 percent certainty.

    The right for the banksters God of course. The United States is to be at least 200 years under foreign rule (as we did for almost 100 years), and no one knows it basically.

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ A.Friend

    I also had the impression that I kapiere's.

    But I could not determine whether those experts have not even reached into the bag of tricks.

    But several of these discrepancies be true, one must then ask rightly, why so many, easily detectable mistakes were made.

    Whether you have cheated for Obama by under cheered him an intentionally bad fake?

    I mean, not the whole world is bad, but ...

  11. imla Juber says:

    this is not namesgebung an old hat?

    barak obama barry soetoro or


  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Imla Juber

    No, she is not in this form.

  13. dbase says:


    I will check at home when I'm back ...

    Greetings to the truth, which never seems to be there.

  14. rheinmain says:

    The youngest son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al Arab al Gaddafi, has been killed in a NATO airstrike on Saturday night. This was announced by a spokesman for the Libyan government in Tripoli on state television. In addition, three grandchildren were killed. I really wonder what kind of a strategy. To shoot at tanks is probably the one thing, but to kill children. Well, with which morality is traded there.

  15. State-learning disabled says:

    Compliment: "Has Obama a negro problem" you dare yes headlines - is almost like http://www.neger.tv ;-)
    Seriously: This is true things simple.
    To the layers: The create some scanner with PDF authoring software actually try and thus, for example, to see how OCR programs also passages as such, so that the generated PDF files are searchable. Indeed, this is not a useful indication of a fake. The term Negro (Negro) before.
    Although I very telling, revealing think it's basically that Africans (African) language is to go in order, not Negro (Negro). Is the sorting of people by continents somehow better than the after color?

  16. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ State-learning disabled

    I've not himself said that Obama is a Negro.

    First, in my youth still completely unloaded word is no longer allowed (you can sure come to court), secondly, I would be Obama not blacks, even if reasonably nobody would think anything bad there and it would be perceived quite harmless, as it was then.

    Because after classic innocent definition, a negro was nothing more than what the Word says, that a black man.

    In Germany you have to times when one was still speaking, as it commandeth reason, spoken in connection with Obama by a negro half-breed.

    One would not say that the United States now their first black president or Negro President had, but, correctly, that they elected their first hybrid president.

    I hope it was not too complicated and you can still follow me.

  17. Konrad Fischer says:

    Because of the large Nikolas came
    With its large inkwell.
    The saying, "My children, listen to me
    And let the Moor pretty in peace!
    What this Moor can help it
    That he knows it is not like you? "
    The boys but did not follow
    And laughed in his face
    And laughed worse than before
    About the poor black Mohr.
    (From: http://de.wikisource.org/wiki/Der_Struwwelpeter/Die_Geschichte_von_den_schwarzen_Buben )

    Konrad Fischer
    currently quite verstruwwelt ...

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Konrad Fischer

    Not that he does not know enough of the Mohr
    His mischief penetrateth even too much ear
    Because unfortunately the Moor is not as
    Kinners that is Scheise!
    No one has taught the Moor
    How right it's done while lying
    As you see, that really is not cool
    If you learn to nothing in the school!
    And let her disappear a corpse
    So speaketh wisely, and not Seich!

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