Homo Tierophant

After I lately to mosquitoes (whose special organs), camels and goats (their skills in defense), sheep (because of the Bible and the media), horses (because of their flying skills), reptiles (because of their introgression into our genome ) and have taken care of all kinds of aliens (because of their conspiracies), the person should come in his presumed archetype for language again now once.

This is in fact, if you really want to be honest animal, a cross between a crazed bull and a willing Bache, and behave according to his descendants.

White deer, as he has managed to be completely Come on dog Lemming his instincts, blind fish like mole of mind, so long to survive.

Parrot detention, he basks in his own Nachsprech, black like a pig, toad, green, seegurkenrot, blattlausgelb.

Ants detention he scurries into its burrow, sucks on his comrades as wood tick and leech drohnt without end, rankles and rattet by their own waste, lays its eggs violently in conspecifics and other off is night awake as an owl, sly as a fox and tough as an old roof, screaming like a jackass, shouts Elefantös, is stubborn, as an unwise rhino, some is like a land animal a stranded whale, another sneaks around the chicken, when he was raised from the Wildcat, still a säuft like an ox.

And only the gripper under them!

Like vultures!

Many resemble well known, the sticklebacks, like hyenas and jackals.

But there are also droll subspecies, such as the temperate monkey-like and the good-natured hamster.

I forgot the important arachnids (except the wood tick), as there would be scorpions, crosses, birds, running and jumping spiders.

Not to mention the crabs, which always go backwards.

I have now ausgeraupt and spun and verpuppe me.

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