The still more or less not loins lame

Nietzsche once wrote that he had never bothered about money, honor to women - and "not that they were missing me."

When I think of this sentence, I suddenly feel quite small.

For it may be that I have never tried in the sense intended by philosophers money (after all, Nietzsche was indeed money for seven years as a professor in Basel and lived probably thereof) by working for it, and also in terms of effort to honor I will come away pretty well: but that I never would have tried to women - Sackzefixaberauch! - I can not honestly say that I unfortunately.

For it is in some ways the vertanste wasted all times, is of course especially if unsuccessful, to seek wives; and would have if you afterwards even notes that you had a crush on a mediocre stupid chicken, even still must be glad that nothing out of the eagerly striving Bemühn was, because you can possibly even relationships would have remained or even still made by mistake a child , then increases the embarrassment into almost immeasurable.

In short: Dumber you can not feel, as in the latter case, once woken up.

The good intention, however, never to be so stupid, I will not prefer to believe, because that I do not trust me in this regard, despite all the knowledge itself too little about the way; and after this realization also to break the good intentions that would break my self-esteem then probably completely the Genack.

So I would you rather continue to live with the fact that the flesh is weak, the brain sometimes soft, and just try to be careful at least a little better for me.

After all, this is the deep essence of the message of the philosopher to the women who are any good, and should not have to be sought in that they will, if appropriate, by itself, saving a self-humiliation associated with it.

The fact do not want Scharwenzler, Komplimenteur, no Wiffer and whimperers.

Where the eager aspiring Bemühn is even counterproductive.

Hearken back, her loins even halfway not lame!

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    In the future, I welcomed it when paratOxens comment would be something meaningful and grippy.

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