9/11: The World War drivers are down for the count

Paul Craig Roberts turns once again.

From financial scams on the transformation of the US into a presidential dictatorship under Bush / Cheney, then the Kennedy assassination by the CIA to 9/11 as nano-thermite explosives expert performance ranges of the arch it in his new article "How We Lost Our Economy, The Constitution And Our Civil Liberties " (How we lost our economy, the Constitution and our civil rights) biases.

Who holds the man for a spinner or "conspiracy theorists", which is the normal means well itself beyond help.

And almost every day I wonder how long the 9/11 State crimes shall be maintained in the official version.

No one who ever even half seriously concerned with the collapse of three buildings, not only has the brain of a sea urchin, can be made to believe bullshit that is dished out to us by the governments and their media to sheep.

The commonly peddled lies Story (which means to contradict as a madman or even Public Enemy to stand) is an unprecedented (well, restriction, there are comparable ...) proof of the almost limitless power in the hands of a few, tamed by any democratic Kontolle.

9/11 but is expected to be the biggest mistake this hybrisbesoffenen bandits have ever committed.

Because the burden of proof that the three buildings were blown up professionally (preparations must have lasted for weeks, on a day you can do that never ever) is overwhelming.

It has committed this directly leading to World War III mass murder plot in boundless arrogance in a time when countless cameras and camera phones were distributed among the population, so that you can seize not so many films, could eliminate as many witnesses, the evidence still would have been out of the way.

Too stupid to lie: it acts like as if the pupils Albert Pike would have been in the wrong century, still in the good old days that Erzfinsterlings mentioned because it this means yet neither was as the World Network, where the information produced by the speed of light can spread.

Alsomit these people are not only profoundly vicious, but also incredibly megalomaniac and ultimately dumber than a decrepit, hirnverfetteter lap hamster.

The fact that we are ruled by such a completely ludicrous the fate of humanity manipulative be brought into the hands of idiots, but this begs us all a bad light.

People who were to be called satanic still a trivialization meant there could even turn the corner against the Hinkfuß after all, any time an exorcist or even that Hebrew Jesus perform in front of us as if they were our tricycles handlebars and saddles unscrewed and we also tied his feet amputated and the brain.

And in fact will help us against those not a priest, because the Vatican is theirs; and that that Jesus died on the cross of the powerful, at least once the story of the beliefs of his followers.

Nevertheless, those people will fly up in the not too distant future, those people who are called by many still "Illuminati", even here - I have to once again emphasize - verblendeterweise, better darkened example, because they shun the light as the devil literally holy water.

Your days are numbered.

I just do not know how long it will take.

But I bet six bottles (I should have said 666?) Location sparkling wine that until then no go five years more into the country.

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44 Responses to "9/11: The World War drivers are down for the count"

  1. Lux says:

    I can only agree with the contents of this article.

  2. Christian says:


    Who still believes the 9/11 terror was a stop,
    needs to read a fan of the newspaper and regularly!
    Or should I write better Bilderbergers newspaper?
    Who has set itself apart with 9/11 Buildings Aircraft videos ..
    the one really needs no other bullshit in the brain
    to blow!
    One thing is already certain sure we will have a complete shortly
    Experience collapse system, then I hope the warmongers
    and the German hypocritical policy being hunted to the devil!
    We would be delighted if you, on our website
    leave positive news would, and join us!

  3. anderst says:

    just like that.

    it is also time for: sweep in front of his own door.

    Europe and Germany are not identical. we are since decades rumgeführt on the nose and robbed in all positions and for a fool. of a company.
    Federal Republic of Germany is not the same as Germany.
    Federal law is not German law

    Federal Republic of Germany GmbH,
    Owner of the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany
    (Former "seat of government" - 1989 BRD management for West Germany)


    (Including the West German Finance Agency-GMBH is incorporated eigenstandig)
    http://www.deutsches-amt.de/html/amter.html#LayoutBereich5LYR (card)
    For some time, there is the German Office for Human Rights, which assigns the rule of law passes for German and those who were born here. In contrast to Germany this office has a local authority and thus has sovereign rights.


  4. Beate says:

    I think, too, that it is an "inside job". Nevertheless, what after all these years still not been made public, it will not in the future. The truth is a long time now, there will be no new "evidence" link. No, this issue will never become public. Since there are enough people who ensure.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Beate

    Unfortunate that you can take courage.

    How do you benefit?

    The comfortable right of resignation?

  6. AD says:

    Beate And the other course.

    Such short and good writing, just print. Write a further 1-2 FilmtipPrograms on it and then distribute. In bus stops, supermarkets (search / Want) Professional and high schools, and other well-attended locations.
    One or the other will make his thoughts and even view the respective films. Loose Change I found on the subject best.
    Here, since texts people from different regions to reach such a broad mass. It may also be one or more others.
    Had also thought about the Real to put Saturn or the like nen nen stick in television.
    I just think that we're running out of time, so we should act.
    Reporting is one thing, it must be brought to the masses

  7. AD says:

    I meant to spread glue.

  8. Lucifer-Lux says:

    Such creative activist as she needs this world. And I'm serious. The idea with the stick I find so good that I will probably treat me. The T € Uronen few of these are worth it.

    Never say never.
    Pleasing example to prove your resignation as a mistake?
    Beame you back in thought ten years. Then say that Pearl Harbor or the Gulf of Tonkien "inside jobs" were. They will treat you the same way as we now treat the opponents of the official conspiracy theory about 9/11. Today, ten years later, it's official that both actions are contrary to the former official versions expired.
    The weak point here is that this will be added without any consequences.

    Consider us as gray cells of the collective memory of the world!
    Also, the stored long in the subconscious, can at any moment return to the fore. Thoughts are not to kill. Therefore thoughts criminals in this country outlawed far more (relative) and persecuted, as millions scammers or children fucker.
    There is a reason, because the powerful fear them so unpleasant thoughts, like the proverbial plague.
    And one should not be misled by the fact that, for example, we Blogger enjoy quite a bit of freedom in our criticism. If it is really dangerous for those who deadline is funny with. And we should not forget that we so represent a kind of valve desirable for the people's anger and also desired symbol for this is that in this country there is such a thing as respect for human rights. We are a politically tolerated calculus. A deliberate compromise of domination graces. And yet the FRG has more political prisoners than it had to have the GDR. Victims of total social ostracism for crimes of opinion not included.
    Our ancestors have fought and we have to fight. We are our descendants guilty. It is the natural struggle for survival in the evolutionary process.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Lucifer-Lux

    Thank You!

    More of this type please comment at any time!

    (My phone number appears in the Imprint.)

  10. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ AD

    Would 1A if you would do that.

    I consider out head and name, and will befleißigen me to deliver even more.



  11. Acquisition Scout - More sales and new customers through acquisition, marketing and coaching (strategy, sales, acquisition, establishment) www.AKQUISE.in says:

    From internal sources, I learned that RTL 5 minutes before the "stop" all optical cables had to be kept without giving any reason, without notice.

    Moreover, that videos were manipulated.

  12. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ "Acquisition Scout

    This is my last warning: If anyone here refers to his blog and other sites of interest, so that's ok, wofern it is not too flat and pushy.

    But simple advertising a for-profit company I need not comment definitively.

    The third time, I will delete your entry immediately.

    If you want to switch paid advertising here, so you can use the zeitgeist Admin surely happy to help.

    And the rest is a murmur, you possessed to such sensitive topics such as 9/11 Information "from internal sources" always questionable.

  13. Sophocles says:

    This crime and all the others that have been perpetrated by the so-called background government will be informed and remaining gaps, it never has any doubt existed.

    The Revelation virus spreads and no one can stop it until everything is cleared up. Heads "roll" abound! The political landscape will get a completely different face. Although this time is very traumatic for the normal population, but after showing earth into joy, freedom and justice.

  14. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Sophocles

    Beautifully said!

    Her words all ears!

  15. Acquisition Scout says:

    Magnus Wolf Göllerlifte:
    I like to give you the phone number of the RTL former employee, then you can do it all yourself and many more more to discuss with him.

    Have a nice weekend
    Alexander E. Cupp

  16. Mark says:

    Super comments, especially the tips for non-violent resistance. Anyone who knows anything fernsehkritik.tv the broadcast? RTL has recently filmed a reality show with me around the corner, and since then I've just once called out a little bit of the website address clearly, loud and clear. Was kind of funny to see how one of the editors (?) Standing around the there has clearly big eyes. Such actions can really something move and the idea of ​​the leaflets (one can well just enter "forget" a stack in the web (LOL) I will implement try to have something soon. Wish you all every success in the fight against the false "50s". Peace ,

  17. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    "I just do not know how long it will last."

    Not for long!

    "But I bet six bottles (I should have said 666?) Location sparkling wine that until then no go five years more into the country."

    The number 666 I think, basically is rather something positive, it is only us thrown out of the madman virtually anywhere before the eyes and as they are currently the "ruler", should we therefore believe that so something bad has to be connected. The sum of the number 666 is the 9 and this is the number of good. Has for the Mayans (te), this figure a special place, with the Teutons (runes), it is equally and with the Christians it is so, because 9 is almost the cornerstone that was indeed rejected by the builders, but then to its proper place has been moved, and what is the best by their own guilt the madman.
    The number 666 multiplied by any other number that gives the sum of the digits is always the 9 at the end.
    9 = 1260 (checksum) = means according to the Book of Daniel in the Bible: A time and two times and half a time. Due to the lunar calendar of 360 days per year, which had previously valid are the 3.5 years. This is exactly the time, began to preach the Baptist in the Jesus from the baptism of John until the day of his resurrection.
    Everyone knows the sentence: I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the beginning and the end. All fonts in the world go back to a single copy which has been in the area where there is now Israel developed. Sets A and O times in thought over the other, or writes the letter times on the stack on. Then out comes the sign of chaos (Punkersprache: anarchy).

    What about the name "God" from? In handwriting is on the G usually still such a small tick down. Bends the written in cursive letter G even in thought is just dan from this "snake" that makes up the G, a T. T is the short form for TAU and is among the Christians of the cross on which Jesus died. T is the symbol of the Babylonian deity Tammuz, a very nasty that time comrade. Now, and from that G is thus still a T, then to write the name of GOD so TOTT. TT = the symbol for Pi (number of the circle pi stands for the zodiac sign of Pisces).
    Draws times on paper: A t the bar at the bottom (ie the wrong way) please paint on, please extend the longitudinal line up to twice as much. The other two T, paint on to the beam outwards and then connect their "feet" with the dash of the first T at the end. At the point above where the feet of the three T coincide, since the O hinmalen from God. Result: The Cross as use the sunbathers and want to sell it to us as a sign of Jesus, but exactly the opposite of Him means, namely, death and destruction.
    Jesus has to do with the cross as much as heaven with hell, namely NOTHING.

    As in Ireland, the Gospel of Jesus was preached by a man who means "Zamna" whose name he had then destroy all the snakes in the country. As a symbol of Christ, he then took the three-leafed clover. This embellished the flag of Ireland, as everyone knows.
    But everyone knows that this particular Zamna had something to do with the Mayans?


    Was Zamna possibly this white-haired teacher of the Mayas, Quetzalcoatl, who has promised, as Jesus did, come back sometime?


    The idea of ​​having the Mayas of paradise and how they painted it resembles my opinion enormously the interior of the temple of the Jews: A hall, a hall, then a curtain separating the Holy from the Holy of Holies. Where the Jews, the Ark of the Covenant is with the 10 commandments, at this point is located at the Maya a cross.
    The Mayans worshiped the serpent, specifically the rattlesnake. This has on their skin a pattern that is reminiscent of squares. The Temple of Maya are square below, the Egyptian and even if you aufmalt the cross in three-dimensional form, then this results in a pyramid.
    The square seen differently will the swastika. Can you myself after googling, who does not know what it is and it is of fundamental view nothing wrong, it was done just this. Because the square is the symbol of perfection. The new heavenly Jerusalem, by telling the Book of Revelation is, foursquare, yes, it even has the shape of a cube and even this must be a symbol of something that makes the end, but at the same time the beginning of all things.

    1.Mose 1.1-3 In the beginning God created heaven and earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the deep; and the Spirit of God moved upon the water. And God said, Let there be light! And there was light.


    We are heading for an absolute chaos (chaos) to the total breakdown of society, the economic system and possibly also from everything else. Either the whole hard work of a madman "ruler" of this world here, or it really made the plan of a supernatural, supernatural and all-powerful God behind it. If the second is the case, then we can do nothing about it. But for the salvation of our soul, however, can do something the individual well. Like that but all agree with that date of 21/12/2012? We will most likely see it still alive. Maybe we should just do the last to start in a very big way, what Jesus preached charity!

  18. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    "For some time, there is the German Office for Human Rights"

    I looked at the time and heard them elsewhere, and then began the rapporteur elsewhere suddenly drivel from the collective consciousness so. My inner voice tells me to be careful, because even in this new card also again stars are visible to me very much of the "Chaos Star" - (sun worship) - and "Chaos Magic" ( http://de.wikipedia.org / wiki / Chaos Magic ) remember. From bad to worse, no thanks! Often solve even large problems all by themselves, they need only have every confidence in the right advocate. So far I have been still preserved from every evil. And what is fear of the future have?

    James 4:14 But you do not know what will be tomorrow! For what is your life? A vapor is the one who is a little time, and afterwards disappears.

  19. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Joseph

    The 666 you have interpreted in an interesting way.

    As to the Mayan calendar, so I will not promise too much to it, but it follows it becomes one of interpretation on my part (which psychoenergetics arrives).

    It seems to me that you're made considerable progress in symbology, and I welcome the fact if you login here to gets involved, even if I myself do not always have time to review any cross-connection.

    If you want to know what the top "Satanist" Crowley said this, I recommend you be expressly "Liber 777" as possible in the original.

    Then, of course, "Oding-Wizzod" Gerhart Hess, the runic, published in Knaur-Verlag.

    If you drive very doll's it, you'd read Guido von List.

    In addition, perhaps a little I-Ching in Wilhelm's translation.

    Annemarie Schimmel "From the mystery of the number" which is a very good cross-cultural comparison is very compact and certainly no reading errors.

    There is still much to do in this area.

  20. Föhnix says:

    @ Karl-Josef Malo

    "The number 666 I think, basically is rather something positive ..."

    Do I look that way. The 6 seems only times just to symbolize the matter. Only the abuse by the over-emphasis on material power has a negative effect.

    I think the interpretation very interesting, however, that the individual components (6s) for matter, the whole (9) stands for the spirit. Only when one reduces man to the material (symbolized by 666), created the beast.

    Here I have another interesting aspect found:

    "The 666, however, has a surprising connection to our existence. We all have organic body and the ground substance of the organic matter is the "carbon", letter C, which on the periodic table of the chemical elements has the atomic number 6. This means that a carbon atom has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons ".

    From: Is 666 a "bad number"?

  21. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ Magnus

    Thanks for the book suggestions.
    You've been right in saying that there is still much to do, but do not you think that we should start on earth better with our remaining time here than they wasting Satanists?
    If we then both are in heaven again, then we still have time to laugh about the rubbish that has been written by lunatics.

    @ Föhnix

    "This means that a carbon atom has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons." "

    If you should hear me, that it has somewhere hard banged in Germany, I've found the key for it to accomplish a meltdown in vivo after introduction of 666 in vitro. We'll see you in infinity.


  22. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Joseph

    This "crazy", as you call, unfortunately dominate anhiero a large part of the symbol fleet.

    Why we - should deal with it lowered its gas guzzlers even here below earnestly - not full-time.

    And we do not want to only see the world in its present constitution, when we find ourselves laughing in heaven indeed.

  23. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ Magnus

    Look Magnus, if you so the writing above and others, and I understand the hidden meaning in it, then we must have been more than quite aware of the world in its present constitution. And then such people like you and I and others of our species belong to that group zweifelllos already here:

    John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love its own; because ye are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

    It would also be interested to know how you imagine the sky. Furthermore, we can talk but also at other times

  24. third truth says:

    3 x 150 kilotons needed the earthly executor of Lucifer. Maybe the Port Authority's fault that a nuclear explosive device under the foundations had to be built, since it would otherwise have been no authorization to build this tower bunker. You may also exist under the Sears Tower in Chicago a similar installation.

  25. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Third truth

    More detailed information would be welcome.

  26. third truth says:


    But like it.

    See, for example:


    A Russian nuclear physicist named Dimitri Khalezov explains how this was done technically with deep placed under the foundations of nuclear mines.

    There is also a German-language documentary on Youtube:

    It deals with the suggestive videos with the alleged aircraft, as well as the nuclear blast of the WTC 7 and 1/2.

  27. third truth says:

    ps: According to D. Khalezov is the snap shot of the sensationalist mainstream media, the term "ground zero" to propagate as a trademark for the location of the incident, an embarrassing error in the drama, he comes across the breakdowns as a nuclear blast. The accidental acquisition of the unique concept by incompetent media gossips is then laminated so that new dictionaries that came out after 9/11, hurry dilute the unambiguous meaning with Larifarierklärungen by, for example, also stayed at this hotel with "Ground Zero" can be referred to.

    The officials can not admit that police officers and firefighters who churned clueless in the rubble, later died of radiation sickness therefore. Only a few could be saved with a bone marrow transplant.

    The pulverization of 2/3 of the Twin Towers and the complete disappearance of WTC7 is technnisch only be explained by a thermonuclear explosion (see descriptions in the documentation). The nuclear mines used were probably the more times that of an Hiroshima bomb, but because they were fired tens of meters in the rock under the buildings, the effects were relatively small. So at least it must have costed the real culprit.

  28. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Third truth

    Hammer Excessive material.

    Thank You !!!

  29. third truth says:

    Specifically, the mysterious deaths after the attacks can only be explained with radiation sickness afterwards. As an example the case of a police officer of the NYPD is called (name is mentioned in the documentary), who sought no shelter in the mountains of debris for evidence while colleagues of the FBI ran around with hermetically sealed radiation protection suits. He was shortly afterwards leukemia and could escape death just because he had a bone marrow donation. The official line denies these cases and invents other reasons why so many people have died and only indirectly be time after the attacks. It is also known that almost all rescue dogs died in the radioactive debris after use. The week-long afterglow of debris, or the molten rock is typically noisy D. Khalezov for an underground nuclear explosion.

  30. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ Magnus

    "However, those people will fly up in the not too distant future, those people who many still" Illuminati "are called ..."

    You are mistaken, my dear friend, as far as the Illuminati, but rather the savior and not evil. The Masons are rather those who will bring the devil himself. For, as was this guy in Norway again, this Freemasons, this murderer, who has on his conscience about 70 young people, Brevik, or something like that ?!
    Why was he doing as wild as these young people going on?
    The answer: The Vatican (translated means: The ancient serpent, who is the devil and the devil) knew that the time angebrochenwar that the Seventh Seal of Revelation should be opened. Good thing si did not know who it would be opened. NOW it's too late to even kill, as the ark of the covenant in heaven that has been geöffent and soon is RAPTURE! I'm telling the TRUTH!


    This is the New Earth from that in the Book of Revelation is the question!
    And look sometimes on my blog - brand new! - The Seventh Seal! - It is finished! - And all this without nonsense.
    The constellation is the new home of the painter born of the spirit man. I hope you count this, because I would love to have there as a conversation partner like you there.

    Love, Haschmech

    PS No, I'm not durchgknallt, I have a completely gesinden spirit in me, as the two worms in my head, those familiar with brains knows that the very inside is completely inside it is something wound that looks like a snail shells. These are the two worms, snakes actually, who then survived on the Ark with the Flood and so it was that it is not yet been the appropriate means deluge to remove the evil from this world here. So to speak, in the Ark of the worm was in it. Noah has mitegnommen from each animal and also by the serpent, two specimens. These snakes had Lois (Satan) and Eurike (devil) selected as a disguise for lifeboat ark. But that Noah should have notice, but he did not. God has not made a mistake, sondetrn the error was once again in a human. So far, very good day and hopefully have a good trip soon. Ah one more thing: That with the history of the snakes relates to the curse is lifted by the Redeemer of mankind. Dr was announced a long time ago by John and Jesus on Revelation. Who wants to get rid of the worms in his Kof, the two snakes at the same time easy to say: Soft Satan, then this cowardly pig disappears. Of course, but one of them is the right faith, namely, to Jesus Christ, our Lord and God of all!

  31. Dude says:


    Entwückung into the constellation painter ?? The You do not think you. What should the Rapture go by Outfit? Do you think on 21.12.2012 You'll look just dematrialisieren so, only to be materialized on nem Picturesque planet again, or come UFO's that you chauffeured there, or God materialized to suddenly enter Reiffen itself in the quantum computer, or obsolete You, Jesus, from so you then fly like Peter Pan by Malan? And what about the others? Then all will be raptured, or just a few, eg the ones Jesus as God more than they selsbt there are looking at? And where come the world warmongers? Are also taken, or come then to eternal purgatory ??

    Questions, questions ...;-)

    But to be honest ... I'm a little worried about you ...

    Love greeting from Dude

  32. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Haschmech and Dude

    Since Astronomy is not my specialty, I did not know until just not that there is a constellation painter (Pictor).

    As is just a sort of "super-Earth" have been discovered, then told me the engine.

    Besser noch: Direkt nebendran liegt, wie ich dann auch noch gewahrte, das Sternbild Dorado (Goldfisch, auch Schwertfisch), wo es mir wenigstens vom Namen her noch besser gefallen könnte.

    Vielleicht sind wir also immerhin bald Nachbarn.

  33. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    Gerade sehe ich, dass es dort sogar den Tarantelnebel, einen größeren Emissionsnebel, gibt.

    Emissionsnebel, das geht bei mir runter wie Öl.

    Gülden neben dem Maler sitzend, als Spinnentier, das rausnebelt…

  34. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Haschmech

    Ich schließe mich übrigens, mal im Ernst, Dudes Besorgtsein an.

    Jedenfalls drehe ich, wenn Du durchdrehst, nicht mit.

    Solltest Du aber in dürren Worten erklären können, wieso wir das sollten, höre ich es mir gerne an.

  35. Karl-Josef Malo sagt:

    @ ALL!

    Watch for signs in the sky outside AND also on television heaven !!!! Beide wurden von einem Illuminaten gewaltiger GEISTIGER Größe erschaffen, und das einfach so, wie aus dem Nichts. ER IST IMMER BEI UNS, in unserem Geist, sofern ganz fest an IHN geglaubt wird, denn es ist der alte und liebe GOTT, welcher der GEIST ist. Er hat einen aus dem Geist geborenen Sohn, und alle Welt kennt den als JESUS CHRISTUS.

    Es wird vor allem zZ während den Werbeblöcken die ENTRÜCKUNG STÄNDIG durch Lichtblitze und Farben und Aussagen von Darstellern angekündigt, die in Kürze erfolgen wird (wie die Illuminaten das machen, dass dies so und nicht anders auch funktioniert, das weiß ich noch nicht, aber ich ahne schon wie – dazu steht etwas im Buch von CARL SAGAN: …und werdet sein wie Götter”). Glaubt an GOTT den GEIST UND an seinen Sohn Jesus Christus, UND ohne dabei zu heucheln! – Dann habt Ihr die Augen dazu, um zu sehen und die Ohren dazu, um zu hören!

    Auch über die Spielfilme, wie jetzt nur mal zB den ganz alten Film “Das DING” – NICHT das Reamake davon oder zB die Indiana Jones Verfilmungen – ACHTUNG! es wird keinen fünften Teil davon mehr geben – im letzten Teil spielen die Außeridischen die Hauptrolle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im Illuminaten-Kartenspiel wurden viel länger vorher, als wo es sie dann gab, NUR 4 Teile der Indiana Jones Filme angekündigt, und ENGEL lügen NICHT! Woher denkt ihr, kommt bzw. wenn meint Ihr betrifft denn sonst die Bezeichnung ILLUMINATEN?

    Alle Welt redet immer von den Illuminaten – und, habt ihr schon mal einen in echt gesehen?
    Oder was anderes, wegen dem zukünftigen Planet der Frauen, der ERDE 2, wo es dann keine Männer mehr geben wird – hat sich schon jemals auf der Erde eine Frau zu einem Mann umoperieren lassen? Anders herum aber schon oft.
    Im Mann steckt das TIER und den MANN, den wird es auf der neuen ERDE NICHT MEHR GEBEN. Die Schwänze werden alle hiergelassen!

    Das Remake von “Das Ding” stammt von den, die Gewalt liebenden Freimaurern).

    Folgendes betrifft einen sehr, sehr alten Kampf, der schon im “Himmel”,also soch vor dem es den Garten Eden gegeben hat, angefangen hat:
    ZB sprechen auch die Illuminaten zu uns über das Fernsehen, den PC usw., welche von diesen Wesen in WAHRHEIT für die Menschen extra erfunden worden sind, dh es ist ERDACHT worden von denen, damit so viele wie möglich noch gerettet werden können von Gott, welcher große der GEIST ist, unser aller Vater im “Himmel”. Man darf das nicht ganz so wörtlich nehmen mit dem “HIMMEL” als Ort! Der GEIST ist in uns, wenn wir das wollen und durch den Glauben an IHN – GOTT.

    Momentan laufen sehr viele Zombiefilme und Serien und Vampierfilme und Serien, blutiger, vor Gewalt nur so strotzender Dreck – ja, so wird bald diese Erde hier aussehen! Viel Vergnügen, wenn er oder sie hier bleiben WILL. – FANGT AN ZU GLAUBEN – Noch ist es nicht zu spät dazu!

    Offenbarung 21:8 Den Feiglingen aber und Ungläubigen und Greulichen und Mördern und Unzüchtigen und Zauberern und Götzendienern und allen Lügnern wird ihr Teil sein in dem See, der von Feuer und Schwefel brennt; das ist der zweite Tod.


    Eben sagte im Fernsehen jemand, dass der GARTEN, womit nur der die ERDE gemeint sein kann, in ZWEI TAGEN total zerstört wird. ZEICHEN über ZEICHEN bekommen wir zur Zeit. Versucht sie zu erkennen und zu deuten!!!!!!!!!!

    Der 21.12.2012 ist das FALSCHE Datum. Satan Lois und Eurike, Hure Babylon, du Teufel – WEICHET BEIDE SOFORT! SAGT DAS und alles wird gut!

    Lest den Timotheusbrief von Paulus:

    2.Timotheus 1:5 da ich die Erinnerung an deinen ungeheuchelten Glauben festhalte, der zuvor in deiner Großmutter Lois und deiner Mutter Eunike gewohnt hat, ich bin aber versichert, auch in dir.

    Das hat der Paulus damit gemeint, als er aufschrieb, er wäre schon mal im Paradies gewesen und wüßte aber nicht, ob im Körper oder nur im Geist. Ich könnte ihm jetzt die Antwort geben: ES WAR IM GEIST! Erst geht es nur über den Geist dorthin zu gelangen, aber es gibt auch Träume, die Realität werden können. Darn zweifle zumindest ich jetzt nicht im Geringsten mehr! Der körperliche Tod ist NICHT das ENDE! NOCH längst nicht!!!!!!!!!!

    Nehmt DAS SIEGEL AN EURE STUIRN AN!!! UNBEDINGT, wenn ihr leben wollt, und das dann auch für ewig. – Denn die LETZTEN, die werden die ERSTEN SEIN !!!! “……und werdet sein wie Götter” (Carl Sag an) – Ich sage es ja schon an!

    Hoffentlich reicht das jetzt auch aus!

    Eben sagte im Fernsehen wieder einer: Letzte Rettung!
    Alles was passiert, kann genau so gut wie in einem Nu passieren, wie auch ein paar tausend Jahre lang dauern. Denn für den großen Geist, spielt Zeit überhaupt keine Rolle. Denkt mal darüber nach, bitte!

    MALO (bedeutet aus dem sumerischen übersetzt: Der nach dem Orion Ausblick hält – Genau dort auch, dass wusste ich bis vor zwei Tagen selbst nicht, befindet sich das jung entdeckte Sternbild Maler. Dort ist die ERDE 2. Im Internet finden sich Berichte dazu, informiert Euch selbst darüber. Ich malte die neue Erde in Rosa auf Grün und das OHNE vorher gewusst zu haben, dass es dort dann nur noch Frauen geben soll. Und ob nurv Frauen oder nur Männer, ist ja “O” wie “O”. Aber mit dem Tier kam die Sünde in die Welt und Männer haben nun mal so'n Ding an sich.

    Ja, ich bekam von so einigem Wind in letzter Zeit.

    Johannes 3:8 Der Wind weht, wo er will, und du hörst sein Sausen; aber du weißt nicht, woher er kommt, noch wohin er fährt. Also ist ein jeder, der aus dem Geist geboren ist.

    Hat mir immer sehr gut gefallen, dieser Vers, und auch die Idee, die er MIT RÜBERGEBRACHT HAT !!!!!!!

    Schöne Grüße an alle, die den richtigen Geist in sich haben!

  36. Karl-Josef Malo sagt:

    Noch ein extra Hinweis_

    “ob nurv Frauen”

    Das war kein Tippfehler! Denn seht (habt die Augen dafür!) mal wo das R auf der Tastatur ist und wie weit weg das V wie (LEBEN hebräisch) davon ist; und wovon spreche ich denn hier uim Euch aufzuklären, dass der GEIST immer mit den Seinen ist! IMMER!

    Planet der Frauen; Frauen, woraus das Leben kommt, ob in körperlicher Art oder in geistiger Art. Ja, unser aller Gott ist ….. na WAS denkt Ihr wohl?

    Sein Versuch Männer dazu zu nehmen, kann als zootal gescheitert betrachtet werden. Seht euch doch nur das Tier an, der die Hure Babylon ist.

    Erich von Däniken hat doch Recht gehabt!
    Menschen alleine, bringen so etwas wie die Pyramide nicht alleine fertig! Die Wissenschaftler haben bis heute die Geheimnisse dieses Bauwerkes nicht entschlüsseln können; oder auch was die Sphinx davor betrifft. Die wissen ja noch nicht einmal, warum der Sphinx keine Nase hat. Katzen oder Schlangen HABEN KEINE vorstehende Nase. Der kleine Kopf kam erst später als Ersatz für etwas anderes auf den dafür viel zu übergroßen Sphinx, um die Menschen in die IRRE zu führen. Denn der Einzige, der nicht will, dass die Menschen wieder zurück ins Paradies gelangen können, dass ist SATAN, der entweder in Schlangengestalt oder in Raubtiergestalt daher kommt und SATAN, bestehend aus zwei Wesen, ist der größte Täuscher und Lügner der Welt; und lie ist der auch ganz und gar nicht. – Ja, ein wenig Angst habe ich schon jetzt, mich so öffentlich gemacht zu haben. Es sind schon andere Menschen wegen viel weniger von Satan, was – “Sag noch EINMAL WAS!!!, dann BUMM, BUMM, BUMM!!!” (Pulp Fiction) – den Körper angeht, umgebracht worden. Das wollte ich auch jetzt, wenigstens einmal öffentlich gesagt haben.

    Das Pentagramm ist in Wahrheit gar keines und auch nichts Böses. Ganz und gar nicht! Zieht man die Linien davon länger durch und nimmt unten das obere Rund vom Gesichtsfeld hinzu, siehe dazu das Buch von Carl Sagan “….und werdet wie sein wie Götter.” – Dann hat ihr Segel oben und unten die Arche Noah. Ich kann sie Dir schicken Magnus, die Arche als Zeichnung ähnlich eines Pentagramms meine ich. Die andere Arche zur zweiten Erde, die müssen du und andere Menschen euch schon von Gott dem Geist schicken lassen, aber das dann auch ganz real und nicht nur im Traum.


    PS Ab jetzt ziehe ich mich wieder zurück, Interviews werde ich irgendwem keine geben! Die Welt mochte mich vorher nie, also soll sie mich und meine Familie auch jetzt GEFÄLLIGST in Ruhe lassen.

    Eben sagte wieder ein Schauspieler, dass er sehr, sehr weit wegfahren wolle, obwohl sich dass zu dem von ihm anderen Gesagten irgendwie völlig unplatziert anhörte. Denkt an den Spielfilm “SIE LEBEN!” – Und doch waren sie irgendwie schlafend im Film, diese Menschen alle, wenn nicht sogar ganz tot. Jesus nannte damals die, die meinten sie würden leben, die Toten. Hört, HÖRT !!!! Sie KOMMEN!

  37. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Karl-Josef Malo

    Ich hoffe mal, Du willst uns hier nicht verhohnepiepeln.

    Obwohl mir das fast lieber wäre, als wenn Du an das glaubst, was Du da redest.

    Malo heißt übrigens auf Spanisch “schlecht”. Auf Italienisch zufälligerweise auch.

    Was denkst Du, was ich alles in meinen Namen hineinetymologisieren könnte, außer dem, was gemäß seriöser indogermanischer Sprachwissenschaft zweifellos drinsteckt?

    Ich werde jetzt keine Kostprobe davon geben, da ich mich für gewöhnlich nur lächerlich mache, wenn ich gerade Lust dazu habe.

    Haben Dich Außerirdische entführt und Dir einen Gong ins Hirn plantiert?

    Vor ein paar Tagen hast Du noch getönt, dass Du kein Christ mehr seiest.

    Und nun das Obige.

    Wenn nichts Substanzielleres mehr kommt, sage ich einstweilen nichts mehr dazu.

    Es sei denn, ich denke, dass dies noch zur Leserbelustigung taugen könnte.

    Immerhin schreiben wir ja den 11. 11.

    (Da Du ja bald vollends abzuheben gedenkst, kannst Du mir Deine brauchbaren irdischen Hinterlassenschaften gerne noch vorher vermachen; ich bin nämlich deutscher Patriot und bleibe hier.)

  38. Dude says:


    “Woher denkt ihr, kommt bzw. wenn meint Ihr betrifft denn sonst die Bezeichnung ILLUMINATEN?”

    Die atheistisch-monistischen “Erleuchteten” (Illuminati) sehen in Gott nichts anderes als eine abstrakte Einheit; sie sagen, Gott sei alles, also auch das Böse und das Böse sei gar nicht böse. Sondern genauso notwendig [Machiavellis Prinzip der Notwendigkeit] wie das Gute.

    Es wird dabei – aufbauend auf dem Gottes-Abstraktum – alles relativiert, womit es kein Gutes, noch Schlechtes mehr gebe.

    Damit rechtfertigen sie ihre Bosheit vor sich selber, im Irrglauben, sie könnten als einzige die Gnadenlosigkeit, Sinnlosigkeit und Planlosigkeit des Lebens an sich verstehen, was sie zu Erleuchteten mache.


    “Die Schwänze werden alle hiergelassen!”

    Das wird die Schwanzverstümmeler aber freuen…

    “…damit so viele wie möglich noch gerettet werden können von Gott”

    Wer sich retten will, sollte sich Selbst retten, denn GottVaterMutter mischt sich – apolar und immateriell seiend – niemals in den multidimensionalen Quantencomputer des Universums ein…

    Wer sich Gott – als absolutes göttliches Indivdiduum, welches alle relativen göttlichen Individuen in sich enthält, genauso wie alle Energien – bewusst ist, braucht nicht mehr an IhnSie zu glauben, weil er Gewissheit hat.

    “Der 21.12.2012 ist das FALSCHE Datum.”

    Ach, dann ist es logischerweise der 13. November 2012, sicher, ja…
    …als ob die Zeichen nicht schon seit Jahren Bände sprächen, und nichts hat sich bewegt seither…

    “Der körperliche Tod ist NICHT das ENDE!”

    Immerhin das stimmt… Der körperliche Tod ist lediglich der polare Gegensatz zur Geburt, und die Befreiung von der Gebundenheit an die Materie. Ein Ende gibt es für ein ewiges Individuum ohnehin nicht, und jede Seele IST EWIG.

    “Nehmt DAS SIEGEL AN EURE STUIRN AN!!! UNBEDINGT, wenn ihr leben wollt, und das dann auch für ewig.”

    Offensichtlich verstehst Du den Begriff “ewig” nicht, denn was ewig ist, kann gar nie nicht sein, da Ewigkeit keine Zeit kennt, und Zeit aus der Perspektive der Ewigkeit heraus absolut irrelevant wird!!!

    Nur im illusionären Schein des multidimensionalen Quantenrechners wird Zeit scheinbar relevant… …sobald die Illusion dieses Scheins im Bewusstsein des ewigen Individuums durchleuchtet, und damit entlarvt wird, spielt sie keine Rolle mehr.

    Des weiteren würde mich die Beantwortung meiner obigen Fragen bezüglich der Entrückung doch ernsthaft interessieren.

    Ich bin ernstlich besorgt…

    Lieben Gruss vom Dude

  39. Dude says:


    “…sie könnten als einzige die Gnadenlosigkeit, Sinnlosigkeit und Planlosigkeit des Lebens an sich verstehen, was sie zu Erleuchteten mache.”

    Sollte besser heissen:

    …sie könnten als einzige die Gnadenlosigkeit, Sinnlosigkeit und Planlosigkeit der inhärenten Selbstorganisation der Materie verstehen, was sie zu Erleuchteten mache.

    Denn von Leben an sich haben diese kranken und bösartigen Psychopathen keinen Plan…

    Leben ist Bewusstsein, und Bewusstsein ist Individualität, Willen, Weisheit und Kreativität.

  40. Thomas sagt:

    Dude, ich hab da noch eine Frage zum Thema ewige Seele: Haben Tiere (und evtl auch Pflanzen) deiner Einschätzung nach auch eine ewige Seele?

  41. Dude says:

    @ Thomas

    “Haben Tiere (und evtl auch Pflanzen) deiner Einschätzung nach auch eine ewige Seele?”

    Hundertprozentig nicht! Genausowenig wie Menschen eine Seele HABEN.

    Aber ich bin mir sicher, dass genauso wie in Menschenkörpern, auch in Tierkörpern ewig SEIENDE Seelen, also göttliche Individuen, inkarniert haben.

    Nur haben die in Tierkörper inkarnierten Seelen nicht so viel Entscheidungsfreiheit, wie in Menschenkörper inkarnierte.
    Es handelt sich oftmals um ein Schwarm- bzw. Kollektivbewusstsein.
    Nicht dass es dieses bei Menschen nicht auch gibt, aber der Mensch hätte eben auch die Freiheit eigenständig zu entscheiden. ;-)

  42. Thomas sagt:

    Ja, so hab ichs gemeint. ;)

    Beschmutzen wir dann nicht unsere Seelen, wenn wir andere Seelen aus den Körpern werfen? Durch Töten und Essen? Oder durch aus-versehen-auf-einen-Wurm-treten? Oder durch einen-Baum-fällen?

  43. Dude says:

    @ Thomas

    “Ich bin” und “ich habe” ist ein himmelweiter Unterschied…


    Wie sollte man etwas, was nicht materiell ist, beschmutzen können?

    Um etwas beschmutzen zu können, muss es ja stofflich präsent sein.
    Die Seele ist also nicht beschmutzbar.

    Essen und Insekten zertreten ist mehr oder weniger natürlich.
    Beim Baum-fällen wirds aber schon komplizierter… ;-)

    Mag sein, wir beschmutzen den Geist, mag auch nicht, ich weiss es nicht.

  44. Thomas sagt:

    OK, das stellt mich erstmal zufrieden. ;)

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