Guttenberg Gate: Germany under idiots Cabinet

Actually, I have sick and tired of this Guttenberg Gewaf.

Monkey house pur.

But it is now brazenly pigs again: he was wrong not intentionally lost a little track, says the minister, who wants to have the monstrous Promotion construct still written himself.

He is of the Union - yet - based on this approach completely absurd.

Now she has three options.

First, the Minister has lied once again, not even written work.

Second: He has the work itself "written" and lies regarding deliberate deception brazenly continue.

Third: He would actually so goofy that he did not even notice how he copied most of his work from tens of different sources.

The third case in which the Union may - at least as far as him or reaching out in faith on their own Debilitätsgrenze - blamed not the Mitlügens, the most unlikely and would at the same time the worst.

Because that would mean that we continue left the responsibility for the Bundeswehr in a veritable war, affected by heavy memory loss or severe personality disorder mentally ill; rather that the Chancellor would do this to the applause of their fellow party members.

The disgusting farce, a piece of the political monkey house, goes to the next round.

And we can quietly assume that the baron still lying, like from the beginning, and that you are well aware covered him in it.

The Chancellor highly self it is knowingly exposed.

The man I do not even bought the carnival a dunce cap clip from as genuine.

Cabinet pure idiots.

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One Response to "Guttenberg Gate: Germany under idiots cabinet"

  1. Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    Guttenberg gate? Cabinet idiots? Sharp guns.

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