Guttenberg an alien?

The fraud is proven in many ways, but that's not sufficient evidence to substantiate the as yet unsubstantiated allegations of fraud had taken place.

To argue like this, people have studied for years Rechtsverdreherei, is, alas, also a PhD, of the Absurd by even more, to those that came, which broke all such long-standing dilemma coup-like.

It was the Baron, who explained that a fraud he could not go out because he just could not go out from him what is scientifically irrefutable and, moreover, every claim in this direction a communist joke.

Thus, the fronts were straightened: Everything you said, but no longer is good, you did not say in earnest; everything others have said and you could need, they just had made a very first.

When Baron we can learn time travel.

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8 Responses to "Guttenberg an alien?"

  1. ebook says:

    How far is it just came as German soldiers die in Afghanistan and in the press anyway thesis is discussed and dissected at Guttenberg in the first place. Why is not the same effort into finally used an exit strategy to demand of our soldiers from the Hindu Kush. That's a hundred times more important. As superficial as our country is only made? This is completely incomprehensible to me.

  2. EuroTanic says:

    Increase in Guttenberg copy scandal. Guttenberg yourself a copy?


  3. Enderle says:

    That sounds logical. I would not be draufgegkommen

  4. Bookmark says:

    For me, the "Guttenberg scandal" is nothing more than a giant red herring. There is a risk of refugees, the plummeting currency, bankrupt countries, more spending on wars and Co. The list could be continued. All problems with substance.

    And just at the beginning of the super election year comes this "scandal" to light through the media in which the write-off is the day to day business. It is not surprising, because there are hardly any reputable news agencies. The course for journalism and is less concerned with investigative research, but more with the practical part, which is about a pair of scissors and glue, a little photoshop and indesign should be able to. Content is contributed by dpa and co.

    My question is: What is this little scandal to distract us? What's going on behind our backs while we are upset us dutifully?

    Zu Guttenberg may have lied or plagiarized. That will still turn out. Our media have tausenfach lied and off - because nobody gets upset.

    It's strange.

    Sunday Greetings from bookmarks :)

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Have you ever thought a bit further back.

    Completely true that it is comparatively this is a trifle, in view of what is rolling straight.

    However, I think it's still good that the Atlantic Bridge-lubricating Baron is now exposed.

    Sunday Warm greetings also!

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    How's'd once with a Guest Post?

  7. Bookmark says:

    Hello Mr. Goller,

    thanks for the offer. At the next opportunity I love coming back to it.

    At the moment I still struggle with my new environment. I have here in early January started a new full-time job who needs my full attention at the moment. To be honest to say I'm in the evening and fix all :))). It is not only the language - it is the dialect here above, has nothing in common in many parts, including the English, especially on the phone :). Then use the new area of ​​responsibility. It's exciting, very interesting, but quite exhaustive.

    If I have a brilliant idea, I'll send it to you to advance.

    Greetings from

    Bookmark Claudia

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Yeah, the English dialects may well turn violent.

    Glad if your new job is not only quite exhaustive, but also exciting and very interesting ...

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