Charlatans, goats tip Hutsimpel ...

In this article it is claimed that the Arctic ice volume has increased significantly in 2008-2010 (I do not know if the data is correct, a confirmation or falsification would be welcome).

At the same time tells you the British after the third tough winter in a row, it will be with them as cold, because otherwise the world so much warmer going anywhere (which is but for example, noted in the Northeastern United States at minus 40 degrees Celsius is not too much) .

The funniest thing is, however, that the very same people who have the Brits repeatedly predicted Super summer and very mild winters (us), now blow because of global warming, this exactly opposite Chose through the area.

You will probably have to shut down even more to cold weather stations in the next few years, only the data of those values ​​that were rebuilding urban in the last decades and thus inevitably heated; and if all that is not enough, you can adjust the computer models still.

Finally, you will then explain the little ice age coming from the man-made global warming.

Or simply that they had accidentally swapped positive and negative, but just do not alter the fact that the evil carbon dioxide that we gasify all the planet, is to blame for everything.

Normally they send such people to the doctor.

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4 Responses to "charlatans, goats tip Hutsimpel ..."

  1. Sil says:

    Hahahaha !!!!!

    My thoughts!

  2. Dietmar says:

    Sources, which shows that the Arctic ice volume has enlarged as I have not. However, it is logical to understand: Since the Earth is warming since 1850, evaporated naturally more water. A portion of this water also reaches the poles (both North and South Pole) and freezes there at -40 .. -60 ° C and vergössert the amount of ice.

    Since the ice floats in the Arctic, the sea level would not change. In Antarctica, located beneath the ice continent. So water is extracted from the sea and leads to a drop in sea level (about 90 cm in 100 years). Which is counteracted by the expansion of water by warming slightly. On balance, one can expect that the sea level drops.

    The cause of the warming of the earth is of course not the CO2, but natural features (sunspots, geothermal, etc.) and can not be influenced by the people.


  3. byrresheim says:

    I see the cold winter rather as a result of the ban on light bulbs ... we now have saved as much carbon dioxide that everything will be fine.


  4. Sil says:

    Is about my personal experiences as victims of our current school system, definitely.

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