Außeridische: Chinese without blinkers

In China, where we know, only the dumbest people on the planet live, it seems to be here for some time to accept the UFO phenomenon and the possible existence of extraterrestrials quite different, even open by the state and the media, as in our super enlightened West, where only ostensibly mentally less well, spinners and obscurantist and intelligence (ie their terrestrial Closest relatives) assume the problem as seriously as their confused brains is just possible to see here .

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One Response to "Außeridische: Chinese without blinders"

  1. Sil says:

    Whether all of these antennas are really just there to look for signals from outer space, or perhaps rather a huge project for resistant softening of the brain of humanity. Who knows really what NASA and the military drive over our heads and on our planet everything to keep us all a good boy and stupid, as usual, are our earthly rulers.

    If you then that emanates from such a message and sounds very plausible to me that the soon coming of any extraterrestrials:

    Then you wonder, where is the point? Instead namely to put so much money into something that is built on only mere conjectures, it should it not be much more important to help the hungry or have children one of their individuality and spirit shall supply appropriate education, not just on obedience and is designed to pay taxes on regular work, but each one a unique and given to us by our Creator brings value corresponding to continue? One could accept almost monstrous and advancing technology make stupid.

    Create fear in front of apocalyptic events of magnitude, which is also something they can all keep full control of us. Eventually you have what the Bible says so true man-made, even if only in part. Of those who most likely do NOT understand what someone wanted to tell us with a book or want to say.

    We should not be led astray and stupid easy.

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