Conclusions from the funny mutants blame

I have little reliable customer of what was, now developed at Tavistock Insitute, in Langley and in other relevant places indeed for mind control techniques, possibly based on all sorts of so-called "high-tech".

But that does not do anything, or at least a little, because it is sufficient initially quite worse than look at Hollywood productions such as "The Matrix" or "Voyager" to deduce from it what you want from us.

To "Matrix" I say nothing, for that would be to Telling politically incorrect to do, but I have the riddles so given enough notice to find out for yourself why I once almost fell off the chair when should watch this Mach work with laughter.

For "Voyager": The "USS Voyager" (the "USS" acts quite apart) it breathtaking in the so-called "Delta Quadrant", the self with the latest drive technology so far away from home, that you have to find a wormhole either or miserable for 75 years eggs home.

Needless to say almost, that the team - at least as regards the crucial figures - is pretty equal thrown together from the various human races: cute doing that Vulcans Negroid intelligence beasts seem to know as well as Klingon High Gifted Mexican interior.

The most interesting part of this intergalactic-federal multi cultural event is neither that of Schiffsdoc, alswelcher a hologram, as such mechanical fully marketable, but also because only one program, as it were invulnerable, however trainable and always human "feeling", so that compassion is programmed with this creature, since they not allowed to live really, the poor, nor that a vegetarian, very philosophically tinged Indian mimes the first officer, but that of all the humanoid races, hybrids and mutants, which are on the journey met, in addition hochhirnigen, krummnasigen, pierced, equipped with punk hairstyles, grouchy-verzwirbelten and otherwise well known by the local Planets variants a strange combination most frequently appears in various forms: humanoid with distinctly reptilian features.

Like as if you look at - especially children - should get used to it, that man can mate easily with a rattlesnake or a dinosaur, since scaly cosmic comrades new varieties are presented, all the time of people, so the obvious question is why, for example, humanoid cephalopods Mantide or other hexapods, Arachnische, Fishy, ​​Amphibious, etc. are under-represented in such diskriminös.

If I were a frog or a trout or a spider, I would have filed suit for a long time because of racially one-sided representation before the European Court of Human Rights.

Funny on the show is that the voice computer now obviously can do everything, then zuwenigst when humanoids, it is come from diverse cultural background, in contact; one converses naturally with each other, as if you grew up on the same schoolyard.

(Consider that to me in the last few paragraphs in my "Word" program just as harmless words like "humanoid", "hexapod", "diskriminös", "zuwenigst" and several others were painted red, as though it is not this klariter would - "klariter" of course ...)

So at least in terms of orthography and semantics - especially text semantics - the Composting in the year of our Lord are circa 2700 finally come a long way, which indeed should lie if you have to constantly do with half lizards.

Funnily can also calculated the Afro-Vulcan, in his lieutenant and chief of security, as Mr. Urspock a kind of sympathetic logic Monster on the one hand, on the other hand psychologically merge with another being, because of course this can only he who has no feelings or this always one hundred percent under has control. Since amazed Klein-Magnus.

A bit of sex or what for men eye there is finally also: Ironically, a back turned Borg drone (the Borg make a very nasty, nasty, every damning or assimilating into their collective swarm spirit-agglomerate) called "Seven of Nine", also briefly "Seven", brings in her tight costume truly Venusisches on board, but is extremely rationalistic and ratty because unconvinced of the blessing of the Wiedermenschwerdung that you would like to wish her truly, any pity on times and put them neatly flat (alswelchen attempt but one hardly survived, because the lady is extremely defensive).

The Caucasian woman captain of the multicultural troupe, however, Janeway convinces her Johannenweg almost consistently one hand psychologically extremely sensitive and of course a scientific and technical Überas, it shows on the other hand a decisiveness that I wished she bargained for with my children, when the like clean up even less than the Papa himself, with the tax office, and at worst times with the opposing counsel or the reptilian police.

Stupid Innig, but probably necessary for the story, of course, is that this gathering of most talented just about anything, subspace disturbances, room columns, Tricorderprobleme and ichweißnichtwas judge within seconds, but a few crops for the purpose of nutrition draw in tanks breed a few eiweißliefernde bacteria, what every industry can Bioseppel today that they create, though they is energy in abundance available for stomach filling unfortunately not.

So they have to regularly move out to any shabby mutants planet, negotiate with mafia-like space station managers and pay top prices simply to take for food.

You can see it exemplifies how a manipulative story before thinking itself being just yet as a matter of course logically the leg turns out, because the story requires to ensure their perpetuation of a problem so really should not even arise.

That finally a chef and "morale officer" then somewhere Picked Up reptiloider Space Rover, a Filou and Mannerist talkers, while lining organization genius is conveyed, the entire team may annoy permanently, and a pretty blonde, also taken that anhiero her uterus once in a lifetime and noticeable would be premature developed under Genack, finally finally pregnant after Psycho crisis and Ehegestammel, mark, too.

Anyway, I got myself with occasional draft for relaxation like viewed this reptilian nonsense for you.

I am happy now led to something Dan Brown's bestseller "The Da Vinci Code", I recently reinzog me in the original: but also applies to what I initially to "matrix" said.

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6 Responses to "draw conclusions from the funny mutants blame"

  1. TanjaKrienen says:

    Trannies like that too. You revel in bliss, because they can use their conception of Mixed -and- Mischvertiere that lead to androgynous and extracts the abstract, vivid experience and the country snatch imagination. I, however, true to the earth permanent Reaktionärin I am, as it also demanded friend Nietzsche, recommending the old Hollywood -

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tanja Krienen

    Hi Tanja,

    the link that you have set, not funzt legal reasons unfortunately.

    Maybe you put yes after a reference to the recommended film work.


  3. TanjaKrienen says:

    Hello Magnus!

    What feedback do you get? I initially had problems because of the Pete Seeger song in the background and it was locked, but it ought to go back. Please try again, or over here -

    Beautiful after greetings? (No idea where you are now out), Tanja

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tanja Krienen

    Hello, I have resuebisiert recently and am happy pitched in the picturesque south of my hometown; since yesterday I again phone (amazing how long it took: In the time you would easily be able to produce 748 new intergalactic mutant races ...).

    Any new data you can refer to earlier finally corrected Imprint.

    Greetings from the mare garden!

    PS: The thing with the real names forum is not forgotten; However, I have now only the new life lift here.

    But, come time will tell, will sponsor the millions come (hits).

  5. Dude says:

    "Anyway, I got myself with occasional draft for relaxation like viewed this reptilian nonsense for you."

    Loved ones thanks to you for the amusing complete summary, together with significant exposure of the whole Wirrnisirrsinns. :-)

    Now I know in any case definitely, that I missed nothing, also in this series.

    How can you relax at such, but to me is a mystery! ??

    I look such series stuff for many years no longer, because the last thing I really liked (and it even made me the other day when I saw an episode random times again, still like), was the A-Team. The troops had just style.
    Sewing me wonder, what do you say to whom. :-)

    Ps. Thanks for pointing in the other strand. :-)

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    For A-Team I was when I Steinmetz was still even.

    The rest, so I can relax to something, is described in the article sufficiently.

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