Assholes without reincarnation problems

The Indian thought reincarnation can not be excluded, but seems to me but as quite a wannabe belief in higher justice. It is because measured various assholes just constantly fucking too well.

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7 Responses to "assholes reincarnation without problems"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Reincarnation is not salvation, but a terrible threat for me. I can not find anything in it soothing. The thought of having to ever again be reborn, would be an infinite load for me.

    No, I'd rather stay in my Christian Old Catholics :))). Since I am part of the eternal cycle and can never fall lower than in God's hands.

    In ef I have not seen you in the last days. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Therefore, in this way from me all good wishes for the new year 2011 I think it will be a good year, ups and downs include, have good and sad news for us. But if the head remains above the mind is awake and the seven senses work, we all get really out pretty good.

    Greetings from England sends the bookmark.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Thank you for the greetings, and, yes, I had a wonderful Christmas.

    Jhnen I wish a "Happy New Year" and all the best next year.

    For more thing: As to the concept of reincarnation, so I am undecided abundant, some may be it; On the other hand I quite follow you in the idea that this indeed something especially cruel in itself would (especially if as thought by the Hindus and Buddhists even where the latter yes only desperately want to nowhere ...), as the concept known.

    With a fellow student I philosophized over twenty years ago about whether it could not be part of reincarnations, or opt for the extinction of a rebirth for other ...

    Creatures like Pol Pot or Henry Kissinger seem in any case not yet to have been demoted to worm.

    That leaves food for thought.

    Greetings from home!

    PS: Bald is here again more "run", and ef I will probably again more often "haunt" as soon as some private things are set in stone.

  3. Martin Meyer says:

    > And also ef I will probably again more often "haunt"

    - Not likely. André light shock has its "public toilet" closed in his own words, to offer there in the future "good food". Prior to his New Year's greeting he ends with "well bekomms". Pure poetry, his flowery images.
    Regardless of whether adopted the unspeakably unkonservative mentality of the Internet in the future or not, we can probably hold that Mr. Lichtschlag currently not finished is.

    Anyway; no offense. I wish both you and bookmark all the success in the New Year that you desire.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Martin Meyer

    Thanks for the note. I can not open the ef-side straight, so do not know what Mr. Lichtschlag has set.

    Since I have never used his side as privy, I see the new development with equanimity.

    Should I be there actually no longer wanted then, so I will probably hardly seek to overthrow the Son of neighboring tricycle to death.

    If you are reading this before midnight, so be it still a good slip, which you desired, but in any case a Happy New!

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Martin Meyer

    Now I have the page up gets: So all off.

    I do not mean that Mr. light blow with his remarks is on the amount of time it uses its project with this measure.

    But he must know himself.

    For me, anyway - not only because I myself like commenting - was the comment area, were some comments there often much more interesting than the respective underlying products.

    It also appeared to me as a genuine author of the question, so I should be in a network publication, want an online newspaper occur, which does not allow comments.

    Perhaps Mr. Lichtschlag has not told the whole truth regarding its why he felt compelled to take this step.

  6. Bookmark says:

    Hello and a Happy New :))

    I can not understand the closure of the comment area at ef.

    Of course there are trolls everywhere forums and yobs who is best simply reads. The less one responds, the less interesting it becomes. Perhaps it would have been better to set up a pn-way, so that those who want each other to send messages that can be off-topic sometimes.

    In the long term - I think - lives a medium of exchange. Someone who can make good comments like, not necessarily have to be the author, to talk. Not everyone wants to view his State of the Union express all. But sometimes catches you on a thought train and responds with new ideas on the subject.

    However, I also do not understand how some necessarily around pöbeln on allerniedrigstem level. I do not share every opinion, but respect is with few exceptions a question of decency and personal education. Of course you can discuss in Rage, but unlike the spoken word, I can always read up again on pc before I press the Enter key :)).

    We wait and see if and how long ef retains the closure of the comment area.

    In this sense, a happy work and a good time from bookmarks.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Happy New! You express it very aptly. I have to have something in the pipe line, I'm hopefully tomorrow to completion.

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