No fear, no fear ... Corexit!

Who still thinks the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was largely under control, the watch times here on the photo gallery .

It is also noteworthy that the World writes: "Six weeks ago, that the well of the oil rig 'Deepwater Horizon' is sealed, there now appears a new catastrophic consequence of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: In the Mississippi Delta, millions die of fish .

The reason for this is not the oil flowed out from the borehole itself, but decomposition of chemicals that have been used to reduce the oil in water. This reduced the levels of vital oxygen for the fish in the water. "

How do they do that so suddenly that she does not write; and if the world already knows so much, why it speaks of "decomposers"?

Only from reduced oxygen content, not the other extreme toxicity of the "decomposers"?

Really never heard of Corexit?

Of what does the world fear?

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One Response to "No fear, no fear ... Corexit!"

  1. Dude says:

    George Salvanos speaks Tacheles!

    In the absence of civic and political engagement, to which the populations of the rich countries are obviously no longer capable we had the disaster of the "Deepwater Horizon" but at least can take the opportunity to reflect on the mechanisms of power, manipulation and disinformation, by the the survival of our planet is in favor of a few compromised. For whether we are talking about economics, war or finance, these mechanisms are always the same.
    One would have to ask the question, what the official sources of information are worth the weeks so contented themselves with a few seconds to show the goods supplied by the culprit himself underwater images and to transfer their press releases.
    !!! One would have to examine the consequences of the massive use of dispersants in dealing with the oil spill, especially as they themselves are based on hydrocarbons and at least as toxic to the underwater world are like crude oil. As the toxicologist LuAnn White has noted from Tulane University in New Orleans, was not even the composition of the dispersant known, "as this falls under the trade secret."

    The "trade secret" is apparently more important than life on earth.

    "Business as usual"
    Man - who? For example, the United Nations, because it is about a catastrophe of global proportions here - would be able to appoint a scientific commission of inquiry to verify the statements of the oil company -., and catch the liars throughout the crisis in the act !!!
    [...] " (pages 4 & 5)


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