Children's Concentration Camp State?

Did I hear correctly, or was that a too long tube?

A Berlin district mayor calls for the mandatory Kita from the first year of life?

There's that?

I live on Uranus?

Those from now toddlers to the state?

Non-running and non-Dry?

Is to us the Sarrazin debate at the end lead to a concentration camp state for all children?

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4 Responses to "Children's Concentration Camp State?"

  1. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    "Those from now toddlers to the state?"

    Somehow I mean, you get the concepts not entirely clear - State - People - government.

    The people forming my opinion the State in which we live, therefore the people of the state. The children belong to none other than their parents until they are mature enough to stand on its own feet can. Law of nature up! The government should do nothing else than the inner Angelegneheiten manage the state and the interests of each human being of the people as represented, which is the dignity of man, our first and its most urgent law are complied with. With the dignity I connect the freedom to implement my personal will, to the extent that no one else will be harmful to or damaged from my people.
    What the government terms now, it ALWAYS has to lead by example and not advance under power utilization and violence what a small minority has come up as well for the people. Maybe even behind closed doors, to self-interest, this includes their own enrichment, as Marino puppet theater for other authorities.
    It seems to me exactly what is happening in our country. Thus, the majority of the people is exploited and enslaved by a small minority, which has the power. Moreover, it seems to me that over Trump Fung of the people by his government falls lately are being rapidly and no one seems to be able to stop this disease of the system to pick up the gap of the government to the population. Yes, I'm talking about canceling it. Everything else is Herumdoktorrei.

    "Do you want us to Sarrazin debate in the end lead to a concentration camp state for all children?"

    I think it will be much worse.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Joseph

    "We need to bring the children and young people from the street ..."

    When I was a child, I wanted to (which I soon barely completed at the school: the then regulated with each of his exam notes) each day according to the house giving up so late least two clock, nothing more than "the Gass".

    At one Ganztagesverwahranstalt I might have cracked up, which would, after all, brought to the effect pious and benefits that I could probably forever so-yesterday's unapologetic write not still here today.

    Children and young people especially need to play unattended and learn to deal: the only way they learn about life!

    Do we want to (re) productive breeding barn rabbits, or what?

    But now, with this super modern, culturally enriched enormously brave new world says you need to barrack the offspring always more to constantly belatschern and persuade rather than the one beibrächte them reading, writing, arithmetic, and some clear rules.

    Only my countenance as a journalist - well, maybe I'm a father towards the rational childless kindergarten teachers, child psychologists, politicians, a little self conscious? - Keeps me from being handed over to me in all the loathsome colors.

    We are in this respect (say it that made it this far ...), create order, that is proposed for children at the State already in the midst of a culture war, the well has also causal linkages with the immigration issue, you just say, now it no other way ,

    Let's see how bad it is.

    And well, now refer to already position.

    For right AND freedom.

  3. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ Magnus

    "At one Ganztagesverwahranstalt I might have cracked up, ..."

    So do I!
    Neither my brothers, nor I, ever been in a kindergarten. Despite or perhaps because (?), We have become all three freedom-loving, sincere, honest, peaceful, creative people with own very tough consciousness, which is perhaps to be noted from the outside as well and thus often have to contend with problems because to customized People probably do not get along well because of their appropriateness About us.

    "If we want to (re) productive breeding barn rabbits, or what?"

    That our system must be something wrong that I've noticed very early. This question I asked above me already as a teenager and said to me: My children do not get! In this case, the easiest way for me was not even bringing children into THIS WORLD. Today I know that I myself have thus fulfilling the will of the powerful. Nevertheless, it does not I'm sorry that I do not have children. For today's youth could not be poorer turn.

    "Human dignity is inviolable" Pah! But not in the FRG. Also has become my very early aware, at the latest 18 years. Since then, I'm fighting for my freedom, and later also to the freedom of other people in all matters. So much for the terms refer to me position. Since I am a long time there!

    Coming back to your question above "(re) productive hutch rabbit breed?" - YES, DO YOU WANT FROM US, but we WANT THE NOT yet!

    I always see the kindergarten children with us. They play after twelve clock in the kennel next door, not far from their barracks. Then they go in two rows, the soldiers. Every now and then they shall coordinate to a little song, MARCH, MARCH. The Bundeswehr throws before an eye on them, especially on the male new cannon fodder. Just point the time the child is located, they are estranged from her family very early. Art they make stencils, who can not follow the words of the teacher, is declared to be stupid and should go out to clean later in life, or as a man in the factory.
    No sooner are they in school there, sex education they are taught so that they will soon produce new stable hands who are hopefully more stupid than they are. TV broadcasting and to get the government not to spit in the soup, the main objective of the German super-class education. Can make crosses in the next election is quite enough, so that everything remains as it is.

    Man has the right to preserve its freedom and if injustice is done correctly, then the person has the right to take a stand for freedom. But please peacefully, because on another wait the powerful only.

    If I had children, then just as I would NEVER see a kindergarten or the like from the inside.

  4. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    Sorry Magnus, if I so hinknalle comments here, but I think it fits well with the theme:

    Quote: "The state intervenes in our life concept in a disproportionate manner, the state destroyed with his law work our lives."

    As for me personally, it's just been done. Anyway, what concerns certain areas of social "normal" life and my affiliation to which. I have to speak terminated my employment at the company BRD Finance GmbH. And until now, I will largely left alone by this company. Hopefully it stays that way.

    I fear that the future looks but generally considered not very bright. To be educated from childhood to voting cattle and cannon fodder with us I was already too much, although have had to bite my teeth. But in the future I allow myself to nothing more force.
    I was born in this world as a free man and no one, absolutely no one has the right to force me to do anything, and to intervene against my will in my life. I want and wanted nothing more than to be always Gelas in peace. This is what I also like to write with my real name.

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