Sarrazin: Never say what everyone knows

I wanted the new "case Sarrazin" not actually do and say nothing about all the Krakeele; but one aspect calls me in my chronicler duty because of absurdity hard to beat.

Among all possible Sarrazin should have said also about that Turkish and Arab youth, especially in Berlin, considerably more problematic and less well integrated would on average, than for example Poles or Russians, and have cultural reasons, not least of Islam.

Some are alone whether this supposedly infamous, hateful, racist, anti-Muslim, by nothing at all assignable and baseless assertion seemingly crazy; to insults and historical comparisons are not lacking.

I suppose but honestly this just issued a statement so do the Bärbel Humpe at the supermarket checkout as well as Maurer Müller, Meier teacher, Hartzi Atze, all journalists, politicians, teachers, policemen: even the abgeknallteste Multikultierzlinke knows just exactly how easy it everyone knows. Then, however, is full of crazy, because one says what everyone knows.

As I said: Nothing to another specialty and Sarrazin recipes from me today. Some do not like me; leafing long enough, finds an older satire to .

So just take the above statement: Are we living in this sense, not in the middle of the stage of a theater of the absurd?

It is almost impossible in the country to find some who does not know a certain thing, but when one utters them, he must run the gauntlet to the ritual.

So a Crianlarichreich full halbirrer dwarfs could be described as a nice little farce sure quite pretty direct.

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