Oilbamas thick end

Here you can read how super great over the oil spill really is. Also in this article . As well as here .

It says to a 22-mile underwater oil mixture hose in 1,100 meters depth:

"The river of hydrocarbons is currently headed southwest, towards Mexico's coastline. That Could cause a nasty international incident in a few months ... "

(The hydrocarbon flow is currently southwest, south of Mexico coast. This could cause a nasty international incident in a few months ...)

Yes, it will be interesting: Mexico could represent the USA in the pillory, to have allowed the application of BP Corexit to keep the oil deep down, so that it was thereby accurately directed at him.

Something may be regarded as Ökokriegshandlung easily.

The worse is yet to come.

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  1. About nuclear issue "with a difference" and similar annoying tosh "Adalbert Meckerecke says:

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