Real genuine Authentosemantik

What I've taken about spontaneously on video, I will here something unschwäbischer as writing, outlining: the cult of authenticity (somewhere in the last 1000 articles I mocked me ever similar, but certainly different).

Even the word "authentic" self is somehow not quite authentic, at least in German, where it as three syllables foreign word against the monosyllabic "real" rather stilted, pomadig, wannabe acts, so inherently just runs counter to his senses.

But what does the poor advertisers, politicians or Schwätzschaumeister make, genuine, really sounds so provincial, so kanpp so directly and unambiguously, that you do not know what you should have to talk, just real.

Maybe these people should try "genuine" with it once, that sounds somehow formed; However, the word is a bit soft, add the two "t" and the hissing "sh" "authentic" simply more expressive potential; and also the nominalization is difficult: genuineness or Genuinheit or Genuinnis, everything sounds a little off.

Where does this almost desperate search for authenticity, genuineness stirred, is not hard to spot: Each swineherd and Seckel running today with the same Nike Geraffel, iPhone, etc. around, plays the same shooting games, eats exactly the Leberkäs wake like any other loser.

So should an advertising medium somehow tempt to more consumption, so something must be authentic it be imputed, which gives it the aura of small Seppel would like to have and buys until that tame the current account.

In reality, nothing authentic allowed at the respective figure drape naturally, because when the consumer realizes that the trust is actually real, and the danger is very easy in this case, it will be very pissed, because that he does not buy ninety-nine euros can, he knows he can he finally of advertising not kidding, after which he is very proud.

The art, then, is to think of something very authentic, not withstanding a precise verification with certainty that reason alone avoids the word genuine.

Moreover, it is embarrassing that even every four year olds know the word: thus acts compared with authentic somehow connotes as primitive and infantile.

Yeah, the semantics is the part of linguistics that certain people most of all first put on the Index.

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