No Zoroastrian cult in Sils

So yesterday I visited the site of action Friedrich Nietzsche in Sils-Maria: and will initially lose a few words about it, because I spot have turned a few small movies, if left intact, enter here soon, which give an idea of ​​that strange angle, a some of my own observations included.

Yes, it is at an angle, the rear right on Tannhang between an old farm building and a fine hotel, stands there, a house rather rested for themselves, as if five quarters centuries.

Not one souvenir sellers, no Zarathustra-stand, no praying awakened in flowing robes, not a lone musician, not a terrorist nor a policeman, no donation box, no altar to the knees, not blind nor lame: if Nietzsche can see, it has dealt well with him.

He never wanted to be worshiped as a saint, even worshiped: only belongs.

And he did it by means of his work to draw fences against the fanatics and pigs around.

It looks like a miracle: everywhere where some crazed Delirantin, perhaps, "God's face" came on henbane and datura, a serving of mushroom to make a pilgrimage, thousands, millions; but here, where the idea of ​​Zarathustra struck and was developed to work with the Nietzsche said to have made mankind the greatest gift that was given her so far, to get lost a few, for Nietzsche cottage, Nietzschekabäuschen.

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4 Responses to "No Zoroastrian cult in Sils"

  1. TanjaKrienen says:

    Very beautiful. I look forward to reporting. Best regards, Tanja

  2. Bernd Braun says:

    Dear friend Nietzsche,

    Your message "no Zarathustra-cult in Sils" I am pleased. Always wanted to convert times to Nietzsche traces in Switzerland. Even the thought of Sils produces goose bumps.

    Wish you have a nice Aufenthaltung

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tanja Krienen

    I hope that I have the hingekriegt processed with the movies as a beginner, you should like them: meanwhile Greetings from up here and thank you that you have inspired me to make this trip.

  4. TanjaKrienen says:

    Greetings back and I regret it really, that I currently could not realize the journey. Sincerely, Tanja

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