Oil hero shamefully unhonoured

On the sunken oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico it was so hard of operator side for the welfare of the employees, that abschaltete all alarm systems to the local Mimöschen and Prince and the Pea by possible false alarms at night from their well-deserved slumber and their Himmelbettchen to tear, so you can learn only now here .

This is what I call genuine care through exemplary employer.

Especially: the latest after the third false alarm would they have probably only turned around in the bunk, as in the old story of the night watchman, who called so often for no reason, until no more seriously took him and the city burned down, as it actually a "fire!" gave.

So this was also a very wise arrangement.

Only by this can be explained, that most oil workers could still save and courageously jumped into the sea as the platform burned; otherwise, they would surely have slept through the whole thing a majority or even all.

BP and Transocean should get at least one oil-industry Bambi or the Lifesaving Award 2010 for this altruistic perspective; actually had the head, all the Medal of Honor, awarded personally by President Obama on a large, worldwide broadcast Super Gala, earned, with kisses of the president's wife, Madonna, Shakira and anything else that goes with it.

I'm fairly disappointed, no, frankly, plenty pissed that you can get any honors those selfless heroes.

A real scandal.

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