Not murdered Oil Well

I just heard it again: "... until the well is killed ...".

Until the oil well killed, is killed?

What a strange language, this English: or rather, what strange speaker they speak.

It was even talk of a "top kill" as they tried with mud and Ichweißnichtwas to plug the riser.

So the "Schopftod" or "murder from above" or ...

They seem to think that martial terms were helping somehow, if there is a real problem.

Of course, like by craftsmen when they lose patience, even in Germany not uncommon.

I remember, for example good as my Baukamerad S., one of the hardest, after we all too long had discussed over a five hundredweight windowsill of red sandstone, as it should go for on the scaffolding, said: "Come on, geredt genuch, heb 'numbers nei that he has finally Be Lost, the dirt floor (stone)! "

That a recalcitrant stone such raised was quite normal to mobilize the special energy performance at the point which sometimes is needed if you think you can hardly manage.

In officially dignified, academic as presidential sheep media speech it surprises me but in comparison, what I'm hearing.

Obamsamullah was also quick to by saying "our coast has been Attacked" (our coast was attacked), lapsing into verbal war analogies, although in reality he continues to, I would say upraised thumb sucking BP.

As low as if you could talk a problem simply pithy in infantile auslutschen.

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