July 20: Weltpäderastentag?

It speaks for Hitler that he was probably after all not a child molester?

Polemical question on 20 July, as the assassin Stauffenberg is glorified as a hero, one who enthusiastically followed his guide long, but only until the war was obviously lost, which, moreover, belonged to the circle of the esoteric secret-Germany-pederasts George.

Whether Stauffenberg probably desecrated and children, in Prussian duty, for "holy" or "Secret" Germany?

His Master George, he followed in any case also willingly and took such obvious at least not too bad.


Such I would also not offered a hand, if I did not have two sons.


I just wrote in the discussion about Stauffenberg on the side of the magazine "peculiarly free":

@ JMV (The Lord or Lady with this code name had answered my Stauffenberg critical remarks with the following quote)

"Would not be the first person in the world that is so and so and also different and yet not different?"

Quite properly.

But: If you have only gay in a circle around George, I could not perhaps time poured out about such wannabe-old Germany-heroes and their courtship chaste Castle Little Men in the modern Pre-Christopher-Street-Day Minne Sange a little ridicule, because basically me gay interfere; most a boundless glorification of their conduct and way of life; But pederasts are a different caliber for me.

These people have a pleasure in destroying souls to exercise supremacy in sexual cruelty, lust of it and, in the esoteric embossed cases, to achieve even black magic charge, whether knowingly or not.

Stauffenberg himself must have been at least a little bonkers to follow George, a hero preacher from Kink Istan.

After all, Stauffenberg had in those days graduation, because you do not even got hintennachgeworfen with a red-green gold spoon for Services to gender crap, so some basic education.

I do not see why I should for pederasts or even their ardent supporters have anything left.

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