More confusion around oil spill

The confusion surrounding the oil spill continues. Everything contradicts itself, as though it were taken from a relevant specialist Manual, especially as second- and third-methane leaks and concerns. Now even quotes an AP "officials" (who wants to have maintained his anonymity ...) to the effect that everything was not so, as it is:

"A federal official says scientists are Concerned about Possible a seep and methane near BP's busted oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

Both Could be signs there are leaks in the well that's been capped off for three days.

The official spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Sunday: because an announcement about the next steps had not been made yet. "

(A federal official says scientists are concerned regarding a leakage and possible methane near the ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Both could be signs of any leaks in the capped three days ago Source. The official spoke on TAP on condition of anonymity as an announcement of the next steps is still pending.)

(This is followed by another report, completely incongruent.)

I beg your pardon?


Would have given us as the last Blödel the best?

Have still not come out after THREE MONTHS what is acceptable in terms of methane?

And especially: What about the long known to be abundantly available methane there was meant about that, Master anonymous?

Sickert it now, or it will not seep?

We are now prepared to speak about in "homeopathic" doses that again everything was done wrong?

Addendum (20.35 clock):

Here you can read again that confirmed to a far away from the well head cap Sickerstelle had been discovered, which, however, still needs to be confirmed:

As the saying goes: I can piss me alone.

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8 Responses to "More confusion around oil spill"

  1. Jochen says:


    No Magnus, the whole thing has nothing to do something with homeopathy, with any doses. Where (the psychopaths of the NWO and population reduction Community) everything goes exactly according to plan. We simply can not deal with their thinking, that's all. You lie and deceive us and make us sick and they try to exterminate us. They know exactly what they have drilled there in the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico and that they therefore out Forden nature. Contrast, 9/11 was a Fliegenschiß. A few smoldering oil wells during the Iraq war, a rainy summer then, nothing about what one would upset for a long time. But what's in the Gulf of Mexico runs now and will be the end that will put everything in the shade. So slowly the public is accustomed to having only with an A-bomb something can be saved. And since all previous attempts by BP have all made it worse, can ever careful to assume that even with an A-bomb just a little to be helped, so it really is becoming a global catastrophe also. We'd better say goodbye to the rest of our naivety. What do you think Magnus?

    Best regards, Jochen

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Jochen

    I wrote initially that I think intention unlikely, citing also according to ...

    However, I later said in a Folgertikel "maybe just yet," me wondering about the continuing "error" there.

    In the meantime, everything has become even more abstruse; I know it is simply not what it is that really instigated; but that several very well-connected gentlemen have repeatedly a population reduction to 2 billion persons, including 500 million requested, is known to me, of course.

    Since these fine people the planet probably do not want to contaminate completely atomic, even a Milliönchen this regard really does not pull here and there through war or a homemade plague the sausage from the plate would be a gigantic oil spill that on world fisheries and poison rain also harvests all over the world destroyed, of course, an ingenious means, a little big accident, beyond suspicion, purely by accident, while highly effective.

    Hunger works reliably.

    It would be almost the perfect plan, especially since the ecosystems in this case, unlike a giant nuclear war would probably regenerate within 50-100 years.

    In the meantime, the fine gentlemen would find with the many money certainly some nice cookies in the Andes or in the Altai Mountains, where they could wait along with their brood, when everything was going smoothly.

    In any case, the thing stinks big, so I also continued to write about it.



    PS: If the date fixed Methaneisschlammschlunze should slip off at once down there, not only could a tsunami occur, the submerged Florida and other flat areas around with an oil-poison wave, but I think (sorry to think with itself as a non expert, for example. as to which I have heard nothing yet) that in the case of a lot of the 4000-5000 oil wells in the region could spiral out of control at the same time even further, so that not only immediately at least 20-30 million dead Americans, Mexicans, etc., but in consequence, the whole world would have all good salad in the sense described above.

  3. Jochen says:


    You've put it nice, but I see that we agree on the whole.
    Since we can not change it, so we will continue to be able to watch it and have to wait.

    Best regards, Jochen

  4. Mats says:

    Hmmm, how about Occam's Razor?

    Who themselves do not know what they have done that.
    They themselves do not know how they can make amends.
    They lie and cover up not to let openable by exactly this truth.
    In vain.

    How are you from the fact that the "powers that be" everything is possible, and if not, then they could have figured that planned?

    The subjects thought is still pure.

    The greed is blind and stupid.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Mats

    Your interpretation of what is running, is also entirely conclusive, hopefully even the right, at least considering the possibility outlined by Jochen.

    I think not mean that the powerful the job done right.

  6. Jochen says:

    Mats AndMagnus

    "Greed is blind and stupid."

    When I look at the former president Bush me and listen to his words, then this man seems not particularly smart for me. So it is with many other persons occupying leading positions. The applause clapping pantsuit at the World Cup had almost something cute to be like a wolf with a red cap on his head.
    Nevertheless, these people know who they have to serve and they do brilliantly.
    From what we know today about 9/11 of backgrounds, would roll some heads. But they do not just do it. The whole world knows that 9/11 threaded Make a move was, but nothing happens.
    Actually, the cover-up this matter should have been much more perfect. These people were too stupid or is it simply just do not care what people say to them? Clear works in which not all perfect and yet everything goes according to plan on.
    It is still in the well now. That financial transactions are run before the accident, and that the world became aware that an error or even due to the stupidity of the powerful. So what? Who cares. It also raises not millions of gallons of Corexit this poison into the sea and then thinks that people are not aware of the consequences. Painfully dying animals or about the people who care about anything. Who drilled at such a place in the sea of ​​oil or makes anything, the only money is important and the power that one gets by.

    "I think not that the powerful the job done right."

    Do not do it, too. The swine flu vaccine was luckily a flop. But the guys are still in power or has since changed anything? Obama is in power and BP is allowed to give and take, as the group wants. What other people want is irrelevant to the. So successful that in the end everything. No one stops them. Or have I got that wrong.

    "The subjects of thinking is still pure."

    That's not subjects thought but the thought of people who see in everything sick psychopaths drive, because the mass of people is too stupid to get together to finally make the few over Kant punched in power put an end.

    So the big game just goes on. Some runs exactly according to plan, with others is just improvised. It must be fun, playing with the mass of humanity. Satan has his pleasure, certainly. You may occult moment when everything happened, not forgotten. And that this tinkers in the background, I am at least convinced.

    Best regards, Jochen

  7. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Jochen

    Regarding what you say to 9/11, how could I argue with that?

    Swine flu I've written quite a lot, and, in fact, that was a Sauflop.

    That people are still unconsciously and often cowardly, I mean it.

    That's why I put that stuff here, as best I can.

    Your reference to improvisation I find important and right; as well as the perverse on the "fun"; and that the occult moment werkele in the background: I'm sure.

    Just think of the perverse rites of Skull & Bones and other similar Arschgeige meetings.



  8. Relating to the oil disaster 24.07.2010 | Health Education says:

    [...] The confusion surrounding the oil spill continues. Everything contradicts itself, as though it were taken from a relevant specialist Manual, especially as second- and third-methane leaks and concerns. Now even quotes an AP "officials" (who wants to have maintained his anonymity ...) to the effect that everything was not so, as it is more ... [...]

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