Bilderbergers in Barcelona

The Bilderberg gang meet again, and the Times tries to plot your through a little mockery made in England to play down:

They even jokes about the fact that Greece was broke now, where you met last year, because unless next year probably with Spain so far, where to now three days discussing everything but not with the general public or the voting bloc.

Bilderberger the chat:

"Hey, you look like David Rockefeller!"

"That's just the mask."

"Who are you then?"

"Well, you look like Henry Kissinger, but I guess in reality you are Queen Beatrix of Holland."

"Nay, how can you confound me with did old brat?"

"Well, I may even look like Angela Merkel, but in reality I'm Ben Bernanke."

"Oh, good, let's look for Blankfein, maybe he disguises as Mandelson."

"Yeah, good idea, splat are we going to ruin today?"

"Let's ask Geithner over there, he looks like a Wolfowitz."

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