D-Mark 2: Systematic disinformation?

Without that, in turn, would have to be assessed paranoid or an avid conspiracy theorists, the idea is now pretty close, interspersed interested specifically rumors regarding a sudden, imminent introduction of a D-Mark-2.

Cui bono?

In this case, the standard of criminologists question about the possible motives of Desinformanten is easy to answer: all those who speculate against the euro can benefit in this way, as well as the gold-and-silver-people.

The latter, often small people with little expertise, putting on precious metal for a long time, of course participate only too happy to as "passive Desinformanten", ie, they spread professional disinformation submissive further, on the one hand subconsciously of the benefit due, on the other hand also because they do not want to be wrong about an obvious example, as a bona fide donkeys stand for any damages or exposed to ridicule when it does occur differently: this corresponds, although often unreasonable, the human, all too human psychology.

Who are clever, the correct relevant channels that have earned "trust", cunning uses, therefore has a huge lever can be accomplished using a few well-littered seeds, hardly traceable, the fast-growing financial giant hogweed, the once risen, almost ineradicable, highly toxic nightmare of every gardener, a plague same diffusive, bring to grow.

In addition, this course also desired the effect of self-fulfilling prophecy occur when people buy gold and silver as the idiot ...

For me, speaks a lot that things are going the same way.

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35 Responses to "D-Mark 2: Systematic disinformation"

  1. mutton butcher says:

    A hypothesis is a statement of validity is assumed, which is not proven or verified. For hypotheses, it is common that specifies the conditions under which they are to be valid.

    In positivist epistemological currents, the hypothesis is a precursor of a theory to which it can be verified by observations. Critical-rational approaches, however, are of the opinion, theory, speculation and hypothesis are the same as assumptions could be neither justified nor verified.

    A statement or a guiding principle that should be proved or disproved by scientific evidence ...

    mutton = Paranoid symptoms are very diverse and are joined by many underlying diseases, including neuroses, psychoses, such as schizophrenia, many personality disorders and some degenerative diseases. The course forms are differently here. They include the symptoms of people who had long suffered under real or perceived persecution, but are not actually psychotic personality or disturbed. Paranoid symptoms can also be caused by other somatic, neurological and / or psychiatric disorders ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    Dear mutton butcher,

    First time I want to thank you - I'll go back to you after I had first thought, this you - that you write for the reader in terms of upper and lower case and now the way it should be.

    Your little lecture concerning "wethers" and their possible psychological turmoil is nice, but slaughtered really I do not feel as yet. Yawn.

    Otherwise, it would also be more striking when out on the content of the article eizugehen showed inclined and this on its own, for that matter, style or on another level, appreciated.

    Even so, you would answer the readers.

  3. mutton butcher says:

    Stylistically ...? .. hmm..soso ..
    <Lat.> The expression on
    a) in the field of literature: the Tower is s good, bad, firmly;. a scientific text is characterized by s. Objectivity
    b) in the field of visual arts: the work is s not uniform.
    ... Nachgerade knows the stylistic finesse Russian ...
    ... Problem. The novel is stylistically remarkable language ...
    ... Other grammatical and stylistic ugliness noted. An ...
    ... 1906). In astute, stylistically brilliant presentation ...
    ... Hinwegzuhelfen the fact that they stylistically in his ...
    ... Deep, and stylistically correct analysis of ...
    ... Reveals a stylistic inclinations and clarification at all necessary. ...... Is regarded by experts of its stylistic achievements this claim with a ...... - at least stylistically quite appealing - Ahasuerus - ...... Although evidence of unusual daring style, but ...... sorted in their substantive and stylistic contexts and ...... lacking, by dignity and stylistic sensibility. The sold-out ... ???
    but on the topic =)?
    A statement, also called 'assertoric sentence' is a set with a certain Bedeutung..Behauptungen can properly (or true) or be incorrect. It is therefore reasonable to deny allegations doubt, confirm to reaffirm to prove, disprove, etc.
    daher..Bei the application of the concept of relativity must therefore be made between each of meaning, measurement and existential dependencies .... see monetary policy-time ..
    ..diese form .. epistemological relativity: the dependence of the findings of the mode of production and the nature of their Geltungsanspruches..oder but .. Aesthetic relativity: the dependence of sensory perception from the perspective of experience ...
    and why ..
    The personality has a right to be wrong. The Philistines may erroneously be right ... or ..
    From one who believes that money can achieve anything you can suggest to declare that he is capable of anything for money ...

  4. Rudi says:

    And again were those who had money ripped.
    The gold dealers are sold out.
    The garage is brought to the people.
    There's no gold standard.
    No government guarantees into money.
    Gold is the most superfluous element that exists.

    Where it is needed?
    Only jewelry, teeth and luxury.
    The industry does not need it.
    The advertising makes it.
    You've got to have it absolutely!
    As with the IPad or IPhone!
    Ifs nobody buys sliding down the price through the roof.
    The protection of all BIB's in gold is in fact no longer possible.

    Have times the stock of physical gold compared to the world's gross domestic product in 2008. Accordingly, the gold would have a value of more than 100,000 US dollars / ounce.
    It was still possible in the 17th, 18th, and perhaps partly in the 19th century.
    But in today's goods and goods inventory in gold is a hedge no longer possible.

    Gold is virtually worthless.
    The value arises only when it is bought by many.
    The awakening comes when it is trying to sell.
    None of wills have.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Rudi

    Just the thought, "cover" what value the little gold today would, I have elsewhere already made (although without specific figure), so I drew a gold standard in the field of fantasy ...

    Thank you!

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Mutton butcher

    I think so, you just kill yourself.

  7. mutton butcher says:

    We have no money, the money has us.

  8. Rudi says:

    Who still says today that one would have to return to the gold standard, has understood nothing.
    He must have missed the evolutionary leap in the 16th century.
    The participants of Bretton Woods, August 15, 1971, who was already recognized that the gold standard only hinders the development.
    It was Damal to cover too little gold available to all with it.
    The were already smart enough to think about what to do with the worthless stuff now.
    Because they were so on thousands of tons of this stuff that needs no more.
    You have now done!
    Generate crisis, fixed the big drum stir for gold and sell it expensive to the people.
    The awakening comes when it no one wants to buy back.

  9. mutton butcher says:

    Here rolled gold, here I played with gold -
    in fact played gold with me - I rolled!
    * Nietzsche =)

  10. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Rudi

    Gold is beautiful and extremely durable, not only as jewelry, also gold plated contacts (technical or social) are not to be despised.

    In any event, my little lumps but are now become too expensive.

    I think there just a sow is actually only driven through the global village.

  11. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Mutton butcher

    "How did gold to the highest value? - It always gives himself ".

    Approximate or exact Gedächtnistitat from Nietzsche's Zarathustra.

  12. mutton butcher says:

    Mine is everything! said the gold;
    Mine is everything! said the steel.
    Everything I buy '! said the gold;
    All I'll take! said the steel ....
    ..or ...
    The gold on the neck of the winner is the secret weapon in the know ...

  13. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Mutton butcher

    Are very fond of you, that you from theorizing on Lyrical and metaphorical, on Beautiful, hereby very essence of what the gold is concerned, "come down".

    Gold has an inalienable, own, incomparable value of course.

    Now he who, as now constructed, no viable weight as a replacement for about essential goods.

  14. mutton butcher says:

    I have a feeling .. that .. inspire these aphorisms great thinker apparently?
    Live ..Lange's survival, loved, hated, indifferent people, kingdoms, capitals, even forests and trees we. Teen sown and planted even much We survive themselves and realize quite yet grateful if we could only some gifts of body and mind remain .. or even future survival?
    ..I think -ja-
    I laugh at all the materialists .. caught up in themselves and their saved ..
    all as procrastination and trembling ..

  15. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Mutton butcher

    Now you slaughter yes the money instead of mutton ...

    Have you ever seen me as materialists because I comment money and gold?

  16. Beetle says:

    Stupid stupid scrap items.
    What a small mind can not imagine - that can not happen - muahaha.

  17. mutton butcher says:

    ..hmm =) .. If we say we despise the money, of course, means you always have the money and other ... ..
    ..Zuviel Money prepares headaches as well as too little money ...
    ..und..he, he ...
    We promise God in adversity often much, but make it like that dealer who drove over Lake Constance and when a great storm arose, cried out to God: Dear God, if you save me, I promise you eighty Hämmel! The son, who heard this, said: But father, then we'll be poor! - Be quiet, replied the father, if we are over there - no claw! - How often is something Dishonest with us in the background ... =).

  18. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    Dear beetle,

    I can imagine a lot to me in theory, even with the introduction of the DM at the weekend.

    But it sounds all that was said and caused highly implausible.

    If you still believe, I invite you to be happy already offered on the side of my colleagues Röttcher a bet, valid until 18 o'clock tomorrow night.

  19. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Mutton butcher

    Have I said that I despise the money?

    After all, you already have now eighty Hämmel ...

  20. Escape from Germany says:

    Everyone should make do with what he likes.

    Some like gold or silver, the other holding a piece of paper with a promise it called money.

    The one trusts the government of this promise is familiar and the other gold and silver.

    Oh yes, one needs to pay the debt.

    Either the flock of bleating sheep or a pack of wolves.

    Gentlemen paymaster!
    I'm looking forward to the next battle hard!

    Friendly greetings from the Far East

  21. Escape from Germany says:

    Oh yes,

    here is my IP address, after all, I'm in Asia! Or?

  22. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Escape from Germany

    Now looking forward to another one of my slaughter ...

    Greetings conditions Far East!

  23. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Escape from Germany
    @ Mutton butcher
    @ Others that I experienced in other forums here

    So slowly seems to me the evil that malice, those left behind with the already Escaped or the bags packed sitting - certainly not just me - all evils, wish the downfall, but something strange.

    You scared, you could regret his decision at the end and even moldy and in Thailand, and the United States might even faster throughout, while the people of Germany berappeln just yet?

    For me, these malicious attitude is so far only be explained.

    Who better exculpation this attitude knows me here the sign over quickly.

  24. Hermann says:

    Gold today is as useless as 5000 years ago. Nevertheless wanted and wants it almost every have, so it had to its value since we think. And it will retain a value as long as there are people who think in terms of material security (apart from the chains times).

    Of course it may be that today "expensive" erstandenes precious metal after tomorrow or whenever a - perhaps even significant - "depreciation" suffer: For the price of an ounce of gold I get today many sacks of potatoes, pasta or rice, which I deposit, may eventually replace all. Only at some point, even with the best service, route, if the supply fails. For the next ounce I might just get another bag Anything but the least.

    More likely, however, is that we have invented the money with the euro, with which we are still in 1000 year ... - uh, certainly much longer - well run, and all precious metal lists bite into her expensive gold.

    A little hope remains even speculators: Gold today is as useless as 5000 years ago. I, however, are also known elements that were 30 years ago much useless - if there is - and which are now extremely in demand (without the chain wanted to do it).

  25. Escape from Germany says:

    Sorry, but bleating sheep was nothing personal, just a name for the masses of people who are indifferent and are not willing to change.

    I have what is now happening with the euro zone already described last year concretely in my blog.

    There will be a bailout for ALL and then a monetary reform.
    Business I see great opportunities for Germany in the future.

    It's nice to help others such as the Greeks!
    Let us not forget:
    The hand that gives is higher than the hand does what.

    Germany will play a leading role in Europe. The Americans have given their consent.

    That is the reason why France is so nervous.

    Do not worry, the currency reform is not yet.
    I also see more, join the national currencies again, but this is fixedly coupled to a supra-national currency.

    On this occasion, one could namely some countries a
    Never miss the "good haircut". If hot, in the transition to the wages again.

    So the green light for Germany and each has his own fortune.
    Who is passive and does not adapt to life, gets pulled long the mutton legs.

    That was always like that.
    Money has always ruled the world.
    The kings and emperors hundreds of years ago still have danced to the tune of bankers and money.

    This trade merchants and bankers were people like FUGGERHAUS.


    History repeats itself.

    My advice:
    Avoid to go where the crowd goes.
    These qualities are always the paymaster.

    If you see a banker jump out of the window,
    jump immediately afterwards.

    There is definitely a good profit to make!

    Friendly greetings from Phnom Penh


  26. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hermann

    Yes, lanthanides and actinides here below ...

    Osmium, iridium, palladium ...

    But you're right that a lump of gold, if it is not thrown in aqua regia, lasts longer than a sack of potatoes ...

    And then it's still not rotted away or ...

  27. Peter Roe says:

    Part 1: http://www.vimeo.com/15541560

    Part 2: http://www.vimeo.com/15541888

    Part 3: http://www.vimeo.com/15542535

    Password: call4fx

    The Bilderbergers come with time on everyone's lips.

    Another video


    Greetings from New Ulm
    Peter Roe

  28. Critic says:

    I postulate: "Conspiracy theorists of all countries, unite! (... To a Metaverschwörung) "

    Otherwise, just read times the "Foucault's Pendulum" by Umberto Eco.

  29. Sil says:

    @ Peter Roe

    "The Bilderbergers come with time on everyone's lips."

    Do you want to know where the Bilderbergers really come from?

    There was a pile of rotten, worthless rich, in a country where the light just did not want a Hinsch. For it was somewhere between the Nile Delta and Po. So they painted a picture and crafted a story out of it to lure the light in her kingdom ...


    ... For DAS light but the minds of these gravedigger was not enough and so they sewed the traditional sun for a second time in the firmament within the level hierarchy (pyramid) and made a firm from: The All seeing the image Herberger heritage.

    To put it very briefly freizumauern:

    "When Seth wanted to show off the gods shaft that Horus the" Unterlegenere "was and told them of his act, this screamed and spat on Horus. However, they all laughed and explained that Seth the "underdog" is. Thoth demanded that the seed of Seth to come out with Horus. But when nothing happened, he called on the seeds of Horus come out at Seth. The Horus seeds there answered him, came out of the head of Seth and became a golden sun disc. The humiliated Seth wanted to then take possession of the disc, but Thoth took it and put it as a crown on the head of Horus. "

    What you can do with seeds and with all that amazing.

    As a mother, something is selling in the direction of money was, besides, also. Now known also from so-called soap operas.

    "Groove is in the Egyptian mythology the goddess of the sky." Indeed, it is one of the Urgöttinnen part of the creation myth of the image Herberger heritage. This groove (te) is called "sow that eats her piglets". "Despite this epithet, the goddess was considered very positive."

    We know they want to do so, that Bilderberg is something very positive and special.

    "Groove was also a goddess of death. In the Pyramid Texts will, among other things as a healing [- healing, healing, healing, hit ....] represented cow ".

    That with the cow did not surprise me now.

    "Some Egyptologists argue that the goddess Nut had symbolized the band of the Milky Way."

    Now you have the nut groove (te) only thought of as a milk-producing cow, where some image heritage Herberger suckle so as to gain the power to keep other people as slaves.

    And now we have arrived in reality.

  30. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Peter Roe
    @ Sil

    Do not forget your contributions, however'm just very busy, see new products today ...

  31. m.gatzke says:

    Well, yes take into the mouth a little bit extra.
    Zuspät responding - - blasphemy as much about gold watch watch-or is that the argument of the gold wicked? Not on the abfahrenden-
    Jumped Gold Train?
    And about the currency EURO, the debt because you should times nachdenken.n No one can ever pay this debt. So- what you do then? Voiding-streichen- weginflationieren- or simply currency reform Währungsschnitt- or whatever. Just- it must werden.- adjusted
    A little story about it, you should know as well. Everything else is clever dairy and ignorance.

  32. top says:

    ... Gold and silver rush?

    hardly !!!

    ... Not even 1%, just 0.4-0.7% of total assets (consisting of stocks, bonds, etc.) are invested in gold and silver, of a "RUSH" can be no question here.

    Moreover, it is in the SYSTEM FOR THE PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL not advertised, the newspaper with the "BIG LETTERS" recently published an article on how the noble metals may well be SOLD.

    ... In addition, there is no asset class in which a reasonably security-oriented investors can go to government bonds (= MOTHER OF ALL BUBBLES !!!) for virtually bankrupt states offer really is no "pillow" behind "shares" are usually not "real assets" (all rented or leased) and also they are overpriced, even without considering the missing property.

    There thus remain only the precious metals.

    The series of reasons "THEREFOR" goes on and on.

    So, who prefers to trust on savings, life insurance or government bonds, pray tell, the great howling is then to come ...

  33. Johna458 says:

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  34. Johnf301 says:

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  35. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ All Johns and Johnas to 'so forth

    I do not know what kind of game Exactly You are playing, besides, of course, one part of it.
    I do Refer to like it, as Probably most people, openly or hiddenly, to be sincerely lauded.
    Real sincerity though is not what I can behold here anymore. I may be wrong Therein, so please take my apology beforehand, if this be that way.
    Anyhow I shall not be furthering more of Your thesis "comments", more or less contentless, with a strange, at least, unnecessary for purposes hither, string of letters at the end.
    I hope Ye all understand me duly, worth - or already be, only misunterstood by myself - true contributors to my work as well as honest people spreading my word.

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