Hammelburger odors II

In the nice, small, picturesquely situated at the Franconian Saale city Hammelburg, stink, neither the privies conditions of Afghanistan from the overlying garrison of soldiers abkommandierten, nor that irgendsonstwas could stink there.

Except three.

The First stank at the local primary school then, especially after the extremely unhealthy garlic, which is unfortunately not usually supplied by the company Nestle, recommended by the school that his teacher was forced in self-protection against it by him, him in the shower before and after swimming technically clean, bare sack show in soaping! To sexually humiliate.

The Second in turn stank at the local junior high school, so his father if "bullying" for him also had to force the change into a new class.

The Third finally smelled so powerful that as the youth welfare office Bad Kissingen to the Grammar School ordered for over two months school companion of a mentally disturbed child in the short term if its leading to other students almost fainting vapors released him from his task.

I wonder just who, besides these three, will ever know in this city, what does stink, or who otherwise anroch the very politically correct.

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