Understandable but naive

I just read again in a longer power debate around that Europe's problems with Islam was specifically the subject.

Of the many arguments to the - whether or eingebrodert versteinfeldet us - were replaced recently, I noticed one particularly, which was indeed already taken up by Lafontaine, but so far results in a relative shadows.

It is very scarce (and now I heard the like also of "rights"!): "Islam provides community safety and cohesion, commands, to share with the poor, and he knows the prohibition of interest, therefore, provides the main enemy of capitalism forehead, which not more obvious assets we decadent westerners. "(So he is good ...)

This is already a unique blend of fact and fiction, which I consider to be worthy to be considered a bit more detail.

Let's start at the easiest: Yes, it lacks us to Community, security and cohesion. However, the vast majority of Germans to see the proffered by Islam as ideas for not desirable to many, however, the community, etc. through Islam just undermined or threatened zuwenigst addition. (Especially in the left elected, secular "Wild East", Mr Lafontaine, a few people who are really on Forced headscarf and beatings for recalcitrant wives find.)

Then share on the subject: I am not aware that somewhere in the Muslim world, a welfare state existed, which could be compared with ours (well, in Saudi Arabia there's something for lazy Saudis, but not for the Pakistani construction workers and the Philippine domestic slaves) .

Recently Where in the Islamic world applies really a ban on interest, a real, not just a loose construction of the papers by Umgangenes? Are the Saudis, as guardians of the holy places, such as anti-capitalists? An even worse joke I have seldom heard.

Thus, the above allegations run from a Western perspective, almost completely ineffective, with the exception of a metaphysical to follow therefrom but also real complex which it is based and which we wish to approach now. He feeds himself, as usual, from both rationally and irrationally justified fears many people.

First, this view means connected to said high finance political caste that the Deibel cares about what people want to lie that the bar bend: Euro, EU constitution, Afghanistan war, financial crisis, Israel, immigration, Islam, climate hoax, swine flu, gender crap, etc. etc.

Thus, the people have the right to feel any game balls of the powerful, that these rules would not meet or would somehow.

This is exactly where the inner desire one, a certain extent higher, binding for all, untouchable structure should act salutary, because the bids were just then enforce against bankers and political gangster.

But, so of course this request individual-like mass psychology may seem: All historical experience argues against absolute religious commandments, enforced by correspondingly powerful cleric means of draconian penalties, as usual, could make a society more livable. Aggressive internally and externally, totalitarian, imperialist temporarily successful, yes, that might be acceptable, see Islam, Christianity earlier, the Aztecs or Incas, the Tibet of feudalism and the monks etc.

Unfortunately, this is the question not resolved, as we escape the stranglehold of high finance and the warmongers and this effect could disempower: More realistic means to do so as the move to a totalitarian belief system I seek as soon as possible to present here.

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2 Responses to "understandable but naive"

  1. Foehnix says:

    Better naive than the dull Islam propaganda of the Empire follow. Their three most followers can keep up to Tumbheit loose with the followers of the Third Reich.

    Where should the lead when the few forces that oppose the Empire and tear, nor each other? The warmongers will take it, rubbing his hands note.

    I see in Islam is not the savior and the savior of our civilization. But I think it's better to deal impartially to put instead of rushing against Muslims. The Islamic culture has nevertheless achieved substantial, indeed unique achievements, although of course he also went through many ups and downs, just like almost every culture. But compare with the nascent terror domination of finance capital is Islam still a haven of peace, humanism and culture.

    Example Mughal Empire: while this country is still witches and sorcerers were burned, ruled there already peaceful coexistence of all religions and cultures. Previously, there were already in Europe a similar flowering of tolerance, science and culture, namely under the Muslim rule in Spain (especially in Granada).



  2. Christoph Messner says:

    Like ... we could escape the stranglehold of high finance and the warmongers and disempower these effective?
    There is a book by Reiner Bischoff: "disempowerment of high finance" and on my website http://www.95thesen-reloaded.de can be found in the link and bibliography further guidance on how to overthrow it.
    In principle, the central bank could print an infinite amount of money and any time distribute arbitrarily large amounts of everyone in the world equally. Why is not made with at least $ 100 per head? ...

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