I have "The Danish apology" by Lars Eriksen, issued on 1.3.10 on "freitag.de" the following comments set today on the occasion of the article there, which I would like to share my blog readers.

(Background makes the apology of the Danish newspaper "Politiken" at eight Muslim organizations for reprinting Mohammed cartoons of the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who recently narrowly escaped the assassination of a Muslim fanatic. The quote at the beginning of the second addendum was the end of Holger Hutt translated into German article Eriksen. http://www.freitag.de/kultur/1008-jyllands-posten-politiken-berlingske-tidende-karikaturenstreit-daenemark-mohammed)

Magnus Göllerlifte wrote on 01.03.2010 at 23:33
While Agitation, Schimpf- and Schandkanonaden against us Westerners, all "infidels" taught in numerous madrasas and mosques preached in thousands, studiously ignored or dismissed as folklore, "apologizes", now a Danish newspaper for the reproduction of cartoons , which many Muslims as unacceptable in the wake of death threats, boycott against an entire country, an assassination.
That's left of politics completely down, so the one hand, on the other hand of course as shameful.
In Afghanistan young German to bleed to thousands of miles away from home, ostensibly to protect women's rights, etc., while it's all about geostrategic interests in reality, and there is no home (below) responsible politician is straight and explains that with us should just make it universally not only about the here much more revered Jesus Christ and the Pope and Christianity, but also just about Muhammad and Islam jokes or assault the sharp and satirical.
Certainly one can not in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries Whose cause; but we lose as little by little all that was fought since Martin Luther on Voltaire and the Enlightenment to the modern era in Europe at great sacrifice: our freedom.
Who we want, we may also please say so.
I'm neither for nor anyone else for the countless times when maybe my "religious feelings" of anyone injured in Germany or in the wide world, threaten him with murder.
With violent opposition but he will have to reckon; and the whole of Geeiere because that is something quite different and somehow not comparable, and we must somehow sonstnochwas of understanding and tolerance and moderation (what?) ... blah blah blah, is also used as the cowardly hypocrisy are unmasked, the then is welcome development, was better developed so many of those are probably quite unconsciously been eating, but by no means all, especially not the protagonist.
One must not be surprised that web pages such as "politically incorrect" get large audiences, when your own grown culture of Europe is sacrificed people in this way, which in turn projects the "tolerance" of Islam for us.

Magnus Göllerlifte wrote on 01.03.2010 at 23:52
Still a little plain text: Why should I orchestrated or actually personally perceived anger of people in countries where probably before these cartoons hardly knew one where Denmark was ever find on the globe, as well as from those here in Europe, who may already have heard that there are like bacon and like to chirp a Aquavit, in any way being to scale, as long as they do not go against the cutting off of hands and heads, and for equal rights of women on the street?
Unimaginable, rule-like atrocities are not an issue, but if the Prophet "offended" is, then we should all of us Westerners still feel terribly guilty and to apologize?
Because we live in a madhouse?

Magnus Göllerlifte wrote on 02.03.2010 at 00:16
Addendum II
"In the Islamic tradition of design and showing the Prophet is seen as blasphemy."
That impressed me quite formidable. In my personal tradition, the stoning of an "adulteress" regarded as jointly committed murder, wöfür each participant shall be punished accordingly.
And his marriage to a six-year-olds and their defloration at the age of nine years, is considered by me as if was agreed by the parents Kindersexsklavenhandel; otherwise as child abduction to Behufe the continued sexual abuse; the subsequent "consummation of the marriage" I value in my tradition as severe child abuse, regardless of whether a rape in the strict sense, nor was necessary or not (Aisha).
I have now said something, the better deletes the editors, as I offended against about "netiquette" or "Terms"?
Was spreading a journalistically unacceptable, even "dangerous reactionary" interpretation of the law?

PS (Only here and I have not yet specifically on Freitag.de again highlighted candy): A lawyer who negotiated the agreement for the purposes of his Muslim applicants, commend to kowtow to the Danish newspaper, according to article was a Saudi Arabian named Faisal Yamani ...

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