Because of Islam and tolerance

The trick with the "injured the religious feelings" of Muslims is part of the sublime in the face of their practices at home (and not only there!) And the laws of Islam, a bright, sly, tough-calculated stratagem in war against the west Determined effeminate idiots.

A Mohammed cartoon to be worse than severed hands, stoning and millions religion according to battered women?

Höhö because lachichma, albeit bitterly!

And the German feuilleton are also his green light Mustard to this Saubande: Who offends these Mohammedan saints, by showing what they do and how they think is to blame if he is murdered by them.

The Saints then can not do anything else, because their religious feelings were hurt naughty.

So are finally murderers to thoroughly pity, and the Left is celebrating its sociological final triumph over reason and existence.

And moreover, the victims are guilty of the murders, alswelches the playful icing on Zuckert dessert.

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