Pleasure in pain

I have really no pleasure in pain, plus I know her too well and even to unspaßiger form; not because these sadistic other nor me masochistic inflict themselves or even to endure it.

But maybe I can the phenomenon of pleasure in pain now but a little way to explain: Someone had perhaps explain the bizarre, possibly saving him for acting idea of ​​pain to the funny thing in the toughest need; and there at all, especially since her halfway reasonable appearing context undressed, hereby abstruse idea people out there that you so blind as stupid, heischend salvation, follow, see related wretched pun various religions, today is the sadomasochism as self-flagellation, not only within this widespread.

Time to crack a joke about his own pain, may sometimes be liberating; these to like yourself, however, is quite another thing.

As for many religions, so you can not win but only in the Abrahamic the impression that they only really aufnähmen ride when a kind of blissful pain penetrates the faithful.

Man is sometimes a strange piece Rindviech.

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