Go Brits go!

The Daily Telegraph blogger and journalist James Delingpole has complained a few days ago already smug about the fact that he was writing a book on the climate hoax, it was perhaps already become obsolete until he could finish it because the structure of lies may be so rapid would break down that until then no one would find more interesting to read what and how has served us since so naughty.

The attentive reader of this blog knows that I am not a big fan of British foreign policy in recent years (the German but not) to say the least; the British domestic politics, with approval of sharia courts in the traditional legal system over the manic Viedeoüberwachungswut, coupled with political correctness that not even Christmas cards, Christmas in establishments or Santas, let alone Christmas decoration in city permits, as the so culturally could be discriminatory and do not just makes the knee due Trailer current "Britishness".

However, As for the preparation of the climate hoax, so I need when I look to the UK compared the German press, emphasize once again: Chapeau!

While there are notable exceptions in the "world", anderwo also right at home "Cicero" and; the clarity of a Delingpole and other journalists, even if only explanatory reporting and not expressly snappy commenting can be found according to my knowledge in the German sheep media so far hardly.

It may be that the Brits have become by their second record winter in a row, according to her nature, somewhat more skeptical and biting; however I read there before the "Climategate" debacle and this winter critical articles that were, for example to find only on web pages like this one.

There's more to it: The British press is indeed freer than the German; they may often come along far cruder in the "tabloid" and use mob taste, but it takes sometimes up where you at times too in German editorial offices of "quality media" (the mocking-euphemistic, yet familiar concept as my family use) rather under the table peeing in your pants, because that one dared to make clear, unambiguous questions and grab the Lurch's tail.

The submission German media representative is actually phenomenal; but at least we defend our normal German so far Santas better than the Brits theirs, and that is also important; but otherwise I can strongly advise to anyone of English fairly powerful, the currently interested in the climate mess, to regularly check the web pages great English dailies then (only the Guardian bleats like a rape Endschaf as usual left flashing): it may a appear in the comparisons sometimes, like as if we lived diagonally right under the channel in another world, you have not even heard of the medial Germany's famous final shot in the reverberations.

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