War without SPD?

It will be interesting to see if it is really exciting.

The SPD, close to the people, as always, has been recognized three months after the general election, but her what everyone knew: The Germans did not want this war in Afghanistan.

The center does not want him, the rights (except for a few very oblique birds) do not want him too, and the left (except in accordance with sloping birds) do not want him even more.

And not one, yes I say no patriot who is right mind wants this war.

This war is not only pointless and cruel: he goes to Germany!

Whether it is a now comes to the other, the secret, cosmopolitan, holy, liberal, social, Christian, or even Hartz Germany, damn! - This war is being waged against our country!

In fact, not only, and not necessarily in the first place, geostrategic but very comfortable!

The interested as an old lodges great aunt as the SPD is naturally a little, but if people no longer choose that interests them already.

Therefore, very intelligent by the voters to have the Socialists given such a swatter.

Now, as the new party leader has stated that one should think critically and speak as a socialist, even war sake.

Rumor therefore, that the sun Chancellor already weak knees get at the thought of the planned German troop increase for additional auxiliary expansion of the war by the Nobel Peace Prize without the votes of the Left and the SPD, so very likely many Green, whopping against a opposition (!) to have to decide.

This fact could this war, although formerly begun by the SPD and the Greens in government with the full support of the current coalition parties gradually mutate into an unpopular war alone the government ...

A neither in Washington planned some downstream Berlin momentum could arise, so zu Guttenberg as Minister of War (he likes so far ...) the war Chancellor stands, Foreign Minister Westerwelle when the war.

I believe that these fine gentlemen now only schwant what it means when a still halfway contrast, people are free.

One is forced to fire on all cylinders war propaganda; somehow always and everywhere; no matter whether you're running the Christopher Street Day admired or background francs in the constituency on the go, or at the CDU employee representatives.

What good is it then to know that Cem Özdemir has learned in the same Kissinger Atlantic Bridge sandbox and its molds stops right zu Guttenberg?

Since the SPD has sold her soul for a long time (Balkan War, grasshoppers favored nation), the Union has never had a, which always gave her decisive advantages, the former might now be tempted soul, it was just wanting to beautiful banknotes, find, with all Indie breast Throwing, pomp and ceremony, which brings more than a hundred years Sozenstadel on the scale.

Sozen do not like so much understanding of professional and sovereign lies as Christian Democrats and Liberals; but when it comes to hypocrisy, then I give comparatively not so easy to get lost it.

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