Strangely left free

When I want to discriminate against any one of my current favorites, and also given the opportunity to the other is happy (part of the Christmas mystery, 23. 12. it's as easy as solved verify or jetzo completely solve), I will now also the "Friday" and Mr Augstein, could not reasonably be its editor, be neglected.

In a way, the declared Left Augstein its also very peculiar kind of idea of ​​freely by keeping "his" (mostly incompetent) blogger, his project before Hamburger students therefore alba changed over the net world and the whole thing without correction, let alone editing, let because even equipped with only a rudimentary layout, then high hunts on his side as a blogger in his own paper for discussion.

But that's not the strangest Funny: A blogger from its "Community" has become a part of the statements Augstein hastily adopted and the dear boss Eingeheizt worth reading liberal.

Something for lovers, a small collector's item: / blogs / author: orange / Title: "To: Jakob Augstein, The Future of the Newspaper 1/2"

(Left function on strike unfortunately, so please from left to right with left clicking through)

Supplement, 29, 12, 1.14 clock: Meanwhile Publisher Augstein answered his critics and announced that he did not understand the most explosive set (extra nachzitiert) somehow. With "Eh" and the request to get it explained again easier. Hard to tell if this is a weak feint, actual overload in terms Lesfähigkeit or a mixture of both.

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