Cui Bono?

Not only in retrospect, I feel the whole hypocrisy of the death of Robert Enke, the garish Roadshow the media, given joined and unthinking followers, the hulking mass, as distasteful to disgusting.

The man was now times no woman, and so his end was just not a typical female.

Better by far.

But z. B. a Theo Zwanziger cooked his special soup from Psycho, says at least on this particularly disgusting hypocrites lot.

PS: I would create me, perhaps experienced similar tragedies, tomorrow "clean", ie without innocent drivers, I would unasked hingezwungen for performers from the world, not only because no cock crowed then, because I'm sure not the best German Soccer goalkeeper am, and maybe not even the best German "blogger"; Permitted to me as bad marketable, only because I would have left two children shameful, and they hid me as soon as possible as an embarrassing accident fortunately rare human derailment.

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