The enemies tributary

I just read an article of the Guardian to take again the was (the thing as such has long been known) that the Afghan Taliban and other warlords levy hefty tolls for virtually all US-logistics-transportation, which are Alleweil paid good and if not constitute the main source of income for this one.

100,000 NATO soldiers did not even create, to earn 300 miles of the Afghan main road from Kabul to Kandahar itself, let alone the supply route through the Khyber Pass and other important traffic routes of the country.

I would like to know in this context, how much of my money, the Bundeswehr, it was far below the Trantüte young or now under the jagged zu Guttenberg, has paid monthly to the enemy and paid tribute to the shithouse paper to pork bush to bring the necessary-combat supplies safely through the enemy lines.

Champion and his transparency of the clear word Guttenberg knows probably even not quite accurate because the amounts between the Afghan transport contractors and their cronies each freely negotiated be subsumed under the required freight rates.

Approximately but the Baron is able to quantify the sum assured, he wofern the must and the sheep then press once asked him compelling.

This is the war press but probably not do so soon, so the sergeant of the reserve can continue to take care of the increase of the German contingent and their positive media presence.

Note (motto of "Atlantic Bridge", copyright by Henry Kissinger): A war that can not be won, should be performed at least long enough to allow sufficient damage to be done.

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