The dangerous Tumbheit the middle

That which is called by us the political center, is in truth the greatest threat to our communities, much worse than lefts and rights.

The so-called middle swallows everything: be it war for the Americans, guns gifts to Israel, Islamization, Air Koller, surveillance state, swine flu rip off, Finanzhaiwirtschaft, gender mainstreaming, Sprachvermanschung, opinion prohibitions child's soul desecration by original sin, children drugs, EU disenfranchisement, gay marriage, women in War, Internet censorship, dismissal because of a cold residual meat Klopses, millions of bonuses from tax money, Pharma rip off, starvation wages, corrupt doctors and accountants, stock market manipulation through the Plunge Protection Team, Genfutter, enemy states clause, Obama Nobel Peace Prize, criminalization of potheads, fuel from food, privatization of basic infrastructure, circumcision and shafts, kinderschändende priest, prohibition of words and symbols, defamation of displaced persons, falsification of history, blood and feces theater as an expression of high culture, boys discrimination, seed monopolies, discrimination laws, agents provocateur of the secret service, state-subsidized "anti-fascists" as Autoabfackler and throwing stones against policemen character assassination campaigns against dissidents, Verbachelorung our universities, a guilty conscience for every fart, botmäßige afraid of any propagated just crap, everything.

Just do not notice till you drop.

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