Decreed decadence

The whole debate about Islam and Muslims in Germany drips only seems like hypocrisy.

A religion whose demands are unconstitutional in many parts is called a "cultural enrichment", whose followers are even explicitly welcomed by the Christian German Interior Minister welcome.

Green and Liberal especially since, as a hypocrite as a textbook, falling over themselves against claims for tolerance; rather they lead war in Afghanistan, let compatriots bleed pointless in Central Asia, because that they adopted here in the homeland measures against the oppression of girls and women.

At the same time the Turkish state religious authority sits regular way at the table when negotiating teaching of Islam mosque or new construction, the same, which does not allow Christian churches in Anatolia.

And always there is complained of local discrimination, racism, etc., only the German social security benefits are warmly masse to complete.

But for warships for Israel again, this is of course not enough money in the German tax coffers.

Oh, and Turkey is still widely referred to as European, because it was set against each cultural and ethnic reality as smooth brazen lie.

If all that does not fit the yes you can then make cheap rate for sub-humans, as a foreigner haters, racist, Nazi.

Not even in the cultural field, we perceive a modicum of self-assertion: the freedom of art and speech was buried shrill quiet in terms of Islam and Muhammad. Would I clearly now so I probably would have to reckon with death threats, you alswelches now completely normal stops, "blame yourself" so to speak: "You" are all our political representatives.

Quite right: I Veräppele Jesus and the Pope, with carrots in the anus, so I can use it celebrated at Vienna's Burgtheater occur and reap plenty of cultural prizes; I take Judaism before that can mean jail; I try my jokes in Islam, so I may as well make my testament.

And not about that especially since the latter would be a specifically German phenomenon; . in the UK, for example, are not "Christmas Cards" more delivered pursuant a long tradition, but "Year End" cards; because one could offend the Muslims so sublime. Company Christmas parties, Christmas decorations and Santas in inner cities are as good as eliminated for the same reason.

Should I stand about for the Christians who do not even defend their most basic traditions of sheer cowardice as Heath now?

You will probably soon have the choice to become self-Muslims or having to crawl back into catacombs if they are not careful; basically they are based on their behavior now underground.

And I have mentioned several times that my Christ-like concept much better than the Mosaic or Mohammedan; but if it is tendered at a lapdog for relapse in the awful obscurantism, the fundamental lack of freedom in the Middle Ages, it may go to Orcus sooner rather than later.

No wonder we keep all world decadent, because we are constantly and publicly urged to decadence, to meet the same our children are already educated in the schools: Decadence is democratic civic duty.

Looking Away, self-denial, crawling Schleimerei: These are the enlightened virtues by which to make politicians, journalists, professors, and the rest of tolerance mob career.

Send their own children such fine gentlemen, of course, not a ghetto school full of sublime Muslims; and when it eventually crashes as if it did not do before a day, but then crashes correctly, these masters of hypocrisy vermeinen probably still "deeply concerned" at the sidelines and the thing so horrified as lifted to leave comments: one yes lives on Lake Starnberg, im Taunus or in Potsdam.

The word "elite" me remains smooth stuck in your throat when such Klakeure and profiteers of the cultural and social decline are referred to it.

But after all of the world financial scams, climate lie, swine flu nonsense and meaningless Satrapenkriegen for the US, from poisoning our children with methylphenidate, human wrongs and exclusive solidarity among their peers, the Constitutional fraud EU trademark, of which Messrs understand something.

But not from me, and I was the only one.

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