Guttenberg: America's Sergeant

Now the Kissinger-Atlantic Bridge-pupil Freiherr zu Guttenberg is so German Minister of War.

At the beginning of next year already expected the Germans announce a further surge of Strahlemann due to the upcoming conference on Afghanistan in accordance with US wishes; I'm excited to see what he makes good figure on what verbiage to which he will present grin.

After all, we may even join now for a Nobel Peace Prize in geostrategic US war against Iran, Russia and China and of course for the new gay foreign minister who wants to defend democracy Brand Karzai, women's and gay rights in Afghanistan, so the donkey driver not to us come and prohibit the Taz and the Christopher Street Day.

And now that Israel has already ordered two free corvettes with us, to bless the Gaza Strip, better even from the sea, we can be sure to get even more friendly invitations to isolate Iran, possibly a war against Iran with arms, money to ünterstützen logistics and intelligence agencies, Ukraine to agitate against Russia and, last but not least, China really sleep einzuheizen in terms of human rights.

Guttenberg could about it but definitely still be a Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance, for it is very doubtful whether the handsome nobleman its popularity is on the war in Afghanistan can transfer: walking the other way around.

The German army had in fact been literally enormous fortune to not suffer much greater losses; the Americans will leave no stone unturned, active to engage our troops in the war, especially since they are likely to assume, with some justification, to now have to deal with a more willing German Government, the Minister of Defense was even instrumental trained by them and dedicated.

At a pity effect as it could the stupid young to achieve partly for themselves, the smart black Baron is however probably can expect less, and not just with me.

Or are all women, and gay rascals suddenly soon for this war, because the noble commander looks so good, so tight, always keeping preserved in the battle?

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2 Responses to "Guttenberg: America's sergeant"

  1. Thoughts plow says:

    As yet Tucholsky said: "Snoblesse oblige."

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    Aptly, thank you.

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