Fortunately, the adjuvants or active amplifier in the swine flu vaccine coming more and more into the discussion, especially since not only have ordered the pure vaccine for the Bundeswehr but also our politicians, which can be naturally just sooo happened accidentally.

Nevertheless, I have never and nowhere the word "squalene" heard in the media sheep in this context (whether printed, radio or TV), not even critics say the taboo word out.

Very strange; or maybe not: Who enters "squalene" in his Google, namely comes pretty soon not only of me but also to other critical areas; Priority "Squalene" (the English form), so it goes much faster.

Since by now eight years old fix something, some elderly have learned in school even a bit of English, there is probably no interest to find out to make it easier for people yet, what's happening in the swine flu vaccine back for common people so there.

Even the word "thimerosal" (engl. "Thimoseral"), which represents the toxic mercury compound that would rather not know pumped through their own bloodstream in her brain rest our politicians, I could never see or overhear.

An arbitrary laws against sedition, we have; the should and replace it with a people against poisoning: the cipher Penal Code § 130 can for my sake like to keep.

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