Earthly grace

A German Christian, a Muslim Arab and a Jew aschkenazischer discuss the televised State of the Union. The latter complain in the change over anti-Islamism and anti-Semitism. The Christian is to be severely affected and publicly apologized.

Suddenly, it still is a dispute. The Muslim annoys the Jews with Gaza, Lebanon, the Nakba (the expulsion and murder of Palestinians) after the former has applied the Muslim so that Muslims tried perfid in a victimhood that is not theirs by.

The terrified Christian committed immediately as the escalation guilty and tries so to calm the situation.

But now he has even more into hot water. The real Semite and go Vielleichtsemit men surrounded the Christians and accuse him of hypocrisy. Besides, what he did because imagining to understand their problems?

The Christians are the tears in his eyes, and he begs for mercy. He was indeed absolute intolerance of intolerance. He is also willing to pay more money drain to Israel and the Palestinian Authority and expand funding for Jews and Muslims generous.

The Muslim and Jew agree that it was not done with such self-evident what the Christian probably imagining that it would be about commercially? For these incredibly insulting attitude that denote an example of the discriminatory character of much of Christianity, an immediate apology umfässliche is required.

The Christian is glad that he comes off so lightly of it, takes the generous gift of his oriental vindication gratefully and enthusiastically celebrated afterwards in the sheep media for his exemplary tact in dealing with oppressed minorities.

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