Campaign: Do Not Disturb!

The other lie more often than we do!

Therefore, every rational choose us!

I know this is not a linguistic introduction pearl, but it expresses the state of the election campaign of the content.

All charitable promises from the cornucopia that are made are built on sand than ever, and what could be promised, namely war termination and the effective conversion of the world finances, not even seriously discussed.

You get time to suspect that actually nobody wants to stand out really. Each fry trinkets. Some think tank must all parties have been whispers that loses, who says anything sensible or even important and that too audible.

It may be that this Pirate Party exempt a piece Which, although not yet know much rational or even concrete to say on copyright in the last version that I read this, but at least once so somehow against censorship and makes for power freaks and 'nen huge hype of a subject on which you apparently only technical, but hardly economic, political and sociological idea brings.

But that seems pretty damn because it is loud. The "Pirates" their campaign strategy does not seem to have bought in the same think tank like the rest.

For these people, all who were born before 1968, total Tattergreise, so they do not read their recommendations.

But aside from maybe 2% of the votes they scrape the other of the emaciated ribs, the Pirate Party undermines the terrain addition, as if you would not have with the Left Party and the NPD already plague and cholera at the neck.

And only the non-voters! - The non-voters is the sort of non-person, you like to completely abolished because it is unpredictable and moody many and the nightmare of the warring parties.

For these are forced to conspire against the non-voters and the other parties downright not to interfere with each other even primarily.

Therefore, this election campaign, which is not far at least.

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