I read again today a newspaper article that especially given the increased importance of Sino-US relations (the lazy over-eaten man the industrious thin man owes a lot of money and can it not just for kill) the declining weight of Europe complained meant was the EU .

The author, I here want to punish non mentioning, because he well known as a de facto U.S. Agent on German soil was, of course, once seen primarily Military, a non-convulsive direct use of power, so more martial vassalage on behalf Washington.

That one in Hammelburg both European history and European culture is understood differently than in Bankfurt, may perhaps not surprising; but that does not count on Lower Main Russia to Europe, just because it U.S. as Island Anglo-Saxons is far reasonably successfully managed with some difficulty to keep their wedges between Central-West Europe and Russia under shear stress, is simply ridiculous.

During our Turkey, so nothing European has in itself but one tiny corner country, to be presented as a European country, try some circles with all their might to portray Russia as a basic enemy, eerie, strange country, before we kindly in eight would take.

This is all ridiculous.

Let's look at Europe once, than what it is, especially as could be, and there is a very different picture, which is of course not welcome in Washington and London.

A Europe that is sufficient as a cultural and economic region of the Azores to Kamchatka, since Siberia populated than Russian, although by definition located in Asia, this includes (the Zipfelchen geographical Europe, Turkey is eager to leave), is in no case more the geostrategic dwarf, one of the talks in the Bank Furter newspaper.

There are about seven hundred million people with veflochtener for at least a thousand years of common culture, a high relative level of education, advanced technology and industry, fully sufficient agricultural capacity, sufficient resources, and finally, love Bank Furter newspaper, even the military capacity, is necessary effectively defend.

This is logical as naturally resulting Euro-North Asian community must in no way conflict with the interests of China or India, on the contrary.

What prepares a headache on the Eurasian continent, Europeans, Chinese and Indians, are out of the fuel conflict Americans Muslims who are not willing to behave decently, to say the least so casually.

So arise on this rail as a matter of course economically common interests.

Together acting as just real Europe, China and India, the intolerable for these old cultural spaces forms of Islam would be valid push back in the country who think necessarily, to want to keep perceived as the right itself stoning, limb amputation, fewer rights for women or other forms of human subculture .

Neither Germany nor Russia nor China nor India has to take care of any archaic tribal customs, vendetta feuds, so-called honor killings, etc. in Yemen or Sudan or Nigeria: The people there will one day learn of themselves that they do not continue to happen.

None donated bags of wheat, not bestowed cents, and the whole thing will be controlled by itself.

The man from the bank Furter newspaper but has certainly afraid that the money could go its clients thus indirectly for him.

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