Poor Christians?

Substituting once the case, I blasphemed here grossly Jesus, the cross (the one without the hook), Christianity altogether from, seasoned with all sorts Blutallegorien and denouncing sexual perversion etc etc .: it would happen nothing, except that I might be a few readers would lose and possibly for a few would gain.

I did like, and lose myself while Mohammed and Islam according to the breast, so I would have as safe as the Amen in church death threats on the neck, which I speak "own fault" would, because I would have had to know that you can not so easily hurt the feelings of the sublime Muslims, and would probably otherwise abused in every imaginable way.

Finally fell to me in a similar way about the Jewish faith, Judaism, move here, I would have to expect to get 5 years in jail.

If I were a Christian, I did not like these extremely discriminating art and freedom of expression against my religion course; if I for my part, death threats and even murder committed (see van Gogh in Holland) as attached to Christentumsverspötter and justified would consider, or alternatively imprisonment for "sedition", I let anyone's guess: but ripped Pretty I would feel but if I had to witness, as the other two religious events enjoy a unique society as criminal special.

My pity for such affected Christians adheres nevertheless within narrow limits.

This authorized this supremacy not only because of the infamous criminal history of Christianity itself, but because the Christians and their churches just let it like, Mohammedans and Jews to see.

So I've not heard of any church officials or CDU upper Christians that everything at least since Friedrich Nietzsche is allowed in Germany against Jesus or the cross, just allowed against Islam and Judaism as freedom of opinion and of the state power by any means should be protected.

So I do not begrudge the Christians with all my heart, to be less privileged over the other two Abrahamic faiths in this sense; maybe they learn something from it even once; otherwise they have to just be content with the least privilege still significant (eg church tax, media, nursery schools, religious education, etc.) against pagans, atheists, agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, etc..

A bronze medal is after something, you can with the podium.

Moreover, Christians can also still console themselves that they can not just drink wine and eat a sausage to it and even unkoschere lasagna (Meaty with milky), but also that they must pray as often as they want, and as a boy also not circumcised unasked in sex, are so mutilated legal.

Always look on the bright side of life!

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