Why rülpset and not furzet her?

Any Spökenkiekerfritzen occurred highly important to Bonn on the Rhine and have stated that in 2050, according to their calculations (!) 700 million people out of droughts and floods and I do not know what would be even (perhaps to good weather?) Forced to flee when the with the Klimakillerei so on would.

These kinds Angstmachergesockse earned a lot of money with it and it appears completely unsecured forecast to blow in the Fürchterlichkeitsanus prominently in the news, the human race.

The whole CO2 greenhouse sauce is so questionable as ever (see eg. Example, in the network times the contributions by Klaus Eckart pulse), but this wind, drought and Rainmaker verspröttern undaunted their would-be disasters.

It is, incidentally, to people who the weather can not even predict reliably in three days, embezzled that higher planetary temperatures could act quite beneficial, it was much warmer in the Middle Ages than it is today and not even a sea level rise inevitably would, because of increased snowfall on the Antarctic perhaps even more water could be bound in the form of ice.

The fact that these people factors such as solar activity, planetary constellations and ocean currents, just do not include the findings from Arctic ice cores in their work, shows that it is a composite purchased bunch of politically established Potemkin dummies of cheap satraps.

Even if you zubilligte these people to bemühn eagerly and honestly striving in Goethe's sense, they would have as a scientist refrain attend cocky with constantly new, completely unsecured horror scenarios.

When I think that these fear mongers and professional life Freud Ever Lousy be financed also to a considerable extent by taxpayers' money, I could easily be bad.

The favor I will these people do not do.

I will later draw a mustard-sage-garlic-chili chicken along with fresh baked white bread from my climate killer wood stove, to make tomato salad and Killertzatziki and at dinner, when the opportunity arises, my sons still a few bars on the topic of free men and slaves tell.

Perhaps, as expected no ladies will be present, burp and I fart even at that, because it has so well geschmacket me in the classic Luther's sense.

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