Conspiracy theory of Pentecost

I grant me today, Whit Monday and once some relaxation and allow myself the luxury of a nice little conspiracy theory, because on some kind of debauchery I had long been keen.

Not that I necessarily believe in the following VST, but it is not the worst.

So: With its bombing of entire villages and wedding parties the USA are not intended to take about a few insurgents, shit, how many women and children are torn to shreds else here; they did not achieve with a murderous intimidation of the population, according to the motto "if the pond is dry, you can collect the fish"; but the US war in Afghanistan and the heat Pakistan so deliberately to, knowing that any action taken in such a way family swear revenge and the Taliban forces is fresh out.

With "the USA" of course is not the individual field commander meant, perhaps not even the suburb Lead General inaugurated.

For the theory is that one should have in the US now understood in the strategic planning staffs as much of the moral concepts of the local communities themselves, that those who could foresee the reaction.

But well, maybe some says that Americans are just all stupid.

That now I do not even that simple.

"But why should the Americans because always want more unwinnable war?", Used as an other.

Quite simply so that it takes place and because much money is earned it and they can make more any time and so people do not think about the economic crisis and who is providing them as brewed and because of Ami nothing else more can and because you can then control every and get people used to it and show a reason and also strategic and oil interests and those play a role against China and Russia and an external enemy was always used to distract from the inside.


These were not all the possible reasons I could give for my holiday conspiracy theory, but the most communicable easiest.

Also does not sound so stuck stupid, after all I have heard a lot of unique paranoidere and sillier.

But soon it will be dark, and the holiday of the Christian Church Foundation and the revealed Holy Spirit is drawing to a close.

Otherwise, I'm going to certainly not make These kinds holiday jokes on weekdays habit, do not worry.

Made in Germany Made in Germany remains.

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