Terror in New York! - Fun Father's Day (Ascension)

I just heard on the 16-clock-news my Bavaria radios that the terrorists in New York who wanted to allegedly commit bomb attacks on Jewish institutions and shoot with Stinger missiles aircraft, said to have been infiltrated by an FBI agent.

The've sold them for their goals completely useless, absolutely harmless explosives and rocket and missile launchers dummies, which no one ever could have been hurt.

Rakenten so to speak, funny backpacks and sneezing powder.

Three hours before the arrests had been still extremely dangerous.

First, I wonder why this message is a so ridiculously grandiose search success then goes around the world.

Secondly, I wonder if there still is some super dangerous super terrorists in the world who has also made it over the first three years of an Afghan or Pakistani auxiliary school (do not know if there such social educational institutions exist), unless he considerable, extensive tutoring received by Western services.

Maybe my astonishment is only because in the game, the henchmen are as stupid as the bad and the reporting journalists, as it were confusingly similar.

Sometimes they probably do not even know if they are paid just to play top terrorist or Topermittler or Topberichterstatter.

So is it a shoe.

But may be of course that the wily Osama (Obama?) Now unleashing on purpose all dumbest, that he could find (will not be difficult in a madrasa which to find) to weigh the enemy in safety and lull.

After all, the man has studied times.

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